The Adventures of Bug and Boo

The Year of Lost Adventures

Rebecca O'LoughlinComment

It's pretty hard to recap a year of no blogging into one short post. Ha! But for the sake of sanity & being concise, I'll give it a whirl anyway.  


Life around here is very different from the last time I blogged. It's been almost a year (& my posts before that were spotty at best, let's be honest), and not only have we added a third munchkin to the mix, my eldest is in preschool a few hours a week, and we're muddling through parenting three different personalities at various and challenging ages. (Yes, I know. They're all challenging ages.)  

Beyond mama bear-ing it, I've spent the last year (plus) focusing on improving our eco footprint, minimizing the harsh chemicals in our home, dabbling in greener & more natural solutions to cleaning our home, our bodies, our clothes. I've attempted my own cleaning solutions with essential oils. I also use oils to treat our moods and basic boo-boos. In the last few months I've shifted our eating to a much healthier, locally-sourced, pasture-raised focus. The Whole30 was tough at first but SO good to do! And from someone who used to be THE definition of 'consumer' I've been trying to embrace at least a slant towards the minimalist direction...which is certainly a challenge when you're a confessed shopaholic, you love fashion, and you still want to do up your sparsely-decorated home. But I'm trying. I've tried a capsule(ish) wardrobe & learned some important lessons from that attempt. And M and I have eliminated SO. MUCH. STUFF. from our basement storage. You wouldn't even believe how many bags and bags of clothes we donated to Goodwill....not to mention duplicates of dishes and mugs and such from our kitchen and plenty of boxes of things we don't use anymore. (Like my amazing stainless steel fondue set that was only used once, ever...shocker.) I still have more to go. I have boxes and boxes of clothes that I'd love to thrift but just don't have the time to pursue selling them, boxing them, shipping them...wouldn't it be great if a service like that existed?? 

Anyway, here's my challenge: I love the idea of the pursuit of less. I like the shift of focus from more 'stuff' to more 'experiences.' I have completely gotten on board with sustainable fashion, slow fashion, eco friendly fashion, however you want to say it. (Yes, KC, I've become even more granola than ever. Ha!) I genuinely want to reduce my carbon footprint, reuse what I can, recycle everything. I save glass jars for my own sauces and try to reuse plastic containers in any way I can. I've reduced the amount of paper we use in the household (I'm not sure it's possible to eliminate altogether with 3 under 4 years old...). I want to grow my own vegetables and install a composting station in our backyard, although the 12 deer who eat breakfast and dinner on our property make that somewhat difficult to carry out. But the biggest hurdle to this endeavor is the mindset of consumption / wanting what everyone else has and the throwaway culture that I like so many other Americans have grown up in and surrounded by. Quite frankly, changing that is hard to do. It requires immense discipline and effort, especially in a city where recycling isn't a massive concern and you have to work pretty hard to do it properly, and in The Age of Comparison, where you scroll through image after image of pretty things on social media and all you have to do is click 'like' and you can buy everything in that image! 

But I care about this. I want my daughters to have a healthy planet. I want them to have a healthy LIFE. So, I am pursuing a green(ish) life for the benefit of us all. (Spoiler alert: therein lies the new blog name that is coming) ;)

So what about you...have you any green living tips for me??