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It's the weekend! This has felt like such a long week. I'm so glad that M is back home with us now. Today we all went out for brunch and then M took Bug over to a little fair that had set up in the center of the village. (She spotted a bouncy house and was desperate to play!) Well they hadn't been gone very long before he texted me a photo of her sitting in the corner of the library, reading through a pile of books. Guess she saw the library across the road and dragged him out of the fair so she could go "read." :) She's definitely my girl! 

I realize I'm late joining up with Meagan's blogger love but this is the first day in a long while that I've managed to read some blogs and I wanted to make sure I shared a couple that I really enjoyed: 

Sage || On Being a "Writer" -- Cassie's post on what makes someone a writer or not hit close to home. I don't call myself a writer because I feel like I can only say that if I've published a novel, preferably an amazing hit of one that all the publications rate highly. ;) But Cassie reminds me, "You are a writer because you write. Whether it's in a journal, on a blog, or just a paper for class. You're a writer because your voice matters too much not to call yourself one." 

Southern Komfort || Golden Rule -- Kelly points out that these days, if you have a difference of opinion with someone, their back goes up. Rather than enjoy a healthy debate with people who have varying opinions, "Our society has adopted the notion that if you're not for me, you're against me." She reminds us that this is not true, and points us all back to the Golden Rule. 

How to Make a Life || Why Blogging is Different From Journal Writing -- Sheryl's guest post on Ember Grey discusses (you guessed it!) blogging vs journaling and how she views them both. In her opinion, "if you are focusing solely upon establishing well written posts with beautiful photographs, you are ignoring the thoughts and comments in your life which deserve to be acknowledged." This is such a good point. Blogging will never entirely take the place of journaling to me because I see journals as where I jot my innermost thoughts, rants, and randomness that doesn't have a place in such a public forum. I often have 3 or 4 journals I'm using at any given time. 

And just for fun, because I get a kick out of Holly's posts on Myers Briggs types, here's the one on what each type does at a party... ;) 

What did you enjoy reading (or writing!) this week? 

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