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I like to write (obviously). Always have, always will. I have many an old journal and essay in my 'memories' box upstairs in the spare room. To me, there is nothing quite like a beautiful journal that I enjoy looking at, carrying around with me, and marking the pages inside with my innermost thoughts. So when Anne and Cassie announced the Journal Swap Creative, even though I hadn't been blogging much the last two months, I had to join in!

Swaps are without a doubt a fun endeavor - you get to know someone who you probably don't know yet, enjoying their snippets of life and personality via Insta or Twitter or their blog if they have one, and you get to pick a gift out for that person that nobody else would have chosen - and you receive something unique and fun from that person too! For this swap I was paired up with Mar at T.O. & Fro - she's a lovely girl who is also from a small town, who moved to Alaska for a period, and now lives in the big city of Toronto with her husband. As Toronto is one of the cities that M frequents often for work, (and I too was once a small-town girl in a rather big city), I was excited to learn more about Mar. 

The journal that Mar sent me is floral and springy, and not only is the outside beautiful, but the inside is too! I love the funky chevron print on the inside covers nearly as much as the explosion of blooms on the front and back. Isn't it gorgeous?? Just begging to be opened and written in daily!

I have already started scribbling on the first few pages...jumbled, random thoughts in the middle of the night while I was up nursing Peanut - but I think they might turn into a few blog posts later on, so stay tuned. 

Thank you Mar, for this beautiful companion! :) 

Have you ever received a pretty journal or notebook as a gift? What was your favorite thing about it? 

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