The Adventures of Bug and Boo

Grateful for a 3rd Love of My Life!

Rebecca O'LoughlinComment

Oh my word...what DON'T I have to be grateful for?? 

What a week.... 

  • My beautiful Bug turned TWO on Thursday. So big, so grown up, and so, so precious. 
  • I also went into labor on Thursday afternoon! After my last labor, I fully expected this baby to make an appearance late on Friday, and yet - 
  • The newest love of my life, our little luvaboo, arrived only a few short hours after contractions started - a miracle!! 
  • Thanks to the extremely short labor, I feel *great* this time around! I was completely wrecked the first time - 21 hours of hard and fast contractions makes for an exhausted new mama. And this time I also had three lovely doctors and nurses telling me when to push - and more importantly, when NOT to push - so I escaped without needing any stitches, yay! 
  • I now have a third love of my lucky am I?? (And yes, my girls share a birthday!) :) 

Settling in as a family of four is going amazingly well. It's early days of course, and M is currently home with us which is a huge help, but I feel so much better this time around - and maybe it's true, having done this before makes it much simpler a 2nd time! We do still need to find our rhythm with schedules and one-on-one time throughout the day, but it will come.

In the meantime, I won't be on the blog very frequently -- there will be time again in a few weeks when we have our feet firmly beneath us! -- but for now, time is for baby cuddles and soaking up these early days together, and making sure that Bug feels my undivided attention throughout the day as well. So please forgive the quiet on here over the next couple of weeks, and I hope to see you on the flip side! :) 

Linking up with my sweet friend Emily at Ember Grey for this sharing of my grateful heart! 

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