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So a while back, the super sweet Amanda Nicole at Knock on Wood started this great 'Conversations' linkup where you share a funny / interesting / meaningful conversation you had with someone, a pet, the wall. I've been saving the little chat nuggets that have made me laugh over the last month or so, so I could finally join in! :) 

Some of the finer conversational moments in my life lately: 

My mom and I were watching an episode of Parenthood in the background while Bug and her cousin Nolie were playing. There was a moment where a little girl yelled and screamed violently at her parents. Both kids stopped what they were doing on the spot and just froze looking at the TV. 
Nolie: Oh no. 
Bug: Not nice. Not nice! 
Nolie: She's NOT happy. Be happy! 
Bug: Happy! Yeah! 
My mom and I looked at each other and cracked up laughing. 

I walked into the kitchen one evening, after smearing a DIY peel-off cucumber facial mask all over my face and neck. 
Bug: (looking at me strangely) What happen? 
Rebecca: What do you mean, Bug? 
Bug: (looking moderately upset, and backing away) What happen? Face...(pointing at me) 
Rebecca: It's ok! Nothing happened. It's a mask. 
Bug: No mask. All done. Bye bye mask!  

(M is explaining some phone problems he was having)
M: I tried to text them back and it didn't go through! 
Rebecca: Was it a group text? 
M: I don't group text (looking dismissive)
Rebecca: That's not what *I* heard!! (dissolves into uncontrollable laughter) 
M: My wife, ladies and gentlemen....

M: Party on, Wayne! 
Me: Party on, Ted! 
M: me a strange look....
Me: Oh crap. That's a different movie, isn't it. 

And of course, it is FRIDAY, people - the best day of the week! M is flying home in a few hours, we have the whole weekend ahead of us, and I even still have a few of those peanut butter-filled chocolate cupcakes left I made yesterday...the perfect recipe for a relaxing night in! :) As I often do, I'm linking up with Meagan at All the Joys to share a few posts from other bloggers that I really enjoyed this week: 

1) A Day of Yes: by Meagan herself! Meagan had a one on one day out with her eldest daughter and turned it into a day of saying 'yes' - an altogether rare thing as most of us moms know, and no doubt a truly special memory in her little one's mind! I love the thought of the simple joy that this brings in such young hearts! 

2) Another, Again: by Bradley at Bradley Cowan. This is a lovely piece from a father's perspective, on the debate over having another child. It's rare for me to come across a male blogger, and I'm really glad that I did this week. Bradley writes beautifully about his daughter, parenting, and all of the experiences that he has as a father. 

3) A Quarter to Six: by Liz at Simply Complex Mom. I know I often mention Liz's posts on here, but I can't really help it - she's a beautiful writer who expresses her feelings so, so well. This post is about one of those moments where she really appreciated her husband and how they work together in their marriage. (Also, check out her post on Forever - the beautiful bond between a mom and her daughter. Gorgeous writing!) 

Have you any fun plans for the weekend? We are (hopefully) finally getting blinds ordered for the house tomorrow, and on Sunday we've got a family dinner planned at my parents' house. It still is so novel that we're close enough to this side of the family now to see each other for a dinner here, or lunch there - after so many years away, it's such a treat to have these times together! 

Have a brilliant weekend, everyone! Enjoy the Super Bowl! Go, Yankees! ;) 

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