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Ok, everyone....are you ready....?? I am FINALLY sharing photos of our new house!! We've been moved in for a month now, and now that the Christmas decorations are taken down and we've got things (mostly) set up and in place, I thought I might share more than just the teaser backgrounds in all of my photos and give you a real look! 

Welcome to my humble abode....! 

This first photo is the entryway, looking towards the front door from the kitchen. I didn't originally like the green color but it's totally grown on me! I love the tiled floor and the front door as well (although I really want to paint the outside a different color in the Spring!). Just to the left of the front door there is a set of French doors - those open into the front room, which is the 2nd photo. (Misleading is the view  of that 2nd photo, it was taken from the rear living room - there are 2 sets of French doors on that front room!) I have always loved bay windows, especially when you see a built in cushioned seat / bench below it - perfect for curling up and reading on a rainy day. I don't think we've quite figured out what to use that room for yet but at the moment it's toy storage and one of the rooms that Bug and I play in during the day. 

Front Room.JPG

The kitchen is HUGE - a big win for me. Again, I didn't like the blue color when I saw it the first few times but I actually think I do now. One of the projects I do have on our To Do list is to replace the countertops though - I just can't make myself fall in love with tiled counters. They are so hard to clean! Luckily, the appliances are all in great shape and look smart, and the cupboards are numerous and quality oak. I think we're still deciding if they ought to be stripped and refinished in a different stain or not... our kitchen table and chairs are unfinished oak though so maybe they don't need anything! We shall see. It's an AWESOME working kitchen - so much counter space! That last picture above is the dining room - just off the kitchen, and also to the left of the stairs when you walk in the front door. Since we don't have a separate dining set yet, it's become yet another one of Bug's playrooms. (She is seriously going to wonder what's happened to all of her space when we do start to fill this place with furniture!) 

These are our crazy stairs....! When we saw the photos online of the house, I actually crossed it off the list of the ones to look at, simply because of these stairs. I thought they were too strange, and too much of a pain with small children. There's a landing halfway up, and two sets of half stairs on either side - one from the front door/dining room area and one from the kitchen. Totally strange. But again, it's one of those things that's grown on me since we moved in! Having the option to go up from either side is actually really helpful, especially when carrying things from various rooms - and Bug LOVES the stairs! She has been very careful too, so we haven't gotten around to gating them off just yet. 

Baby Room.jpg
Guest Room.jpg

OK - upstairs now! The top picture in this section is going to be the baby's room...currently empty except for wall art. It's hard to see the color in the dark photo but it's a nice pale green - I really like the color for Bug except I felt she deserved the bigger room, being the older sibling. So the room with the big earth wallpaper is hers! A lot of people like that earth photo - I am not one of them. ;) (At least, not for a little girl's room.) This is the first room that we will probably finish, since we've ordered her new furniture now and it would be great to get the painting done before it arrives (and before life becomes crazy over here with arrival of baby #2!). Next is the family bathroom at the top of the stairs - this is pretty neutral. The pink counter will eventually be changed but I like the color on the walls and the huge wall mirror. And the last photo there is the guest room - which will also soon be where my 'writing nook' is! I can't wait to get that completed. It's hard to see in this photo too as it's a bit dark, but the color on the walls is this bright and cheery coral - very upbeat and energizing!

I don't have great photos yet of the master bedroom/bathroom - those will be shared in time. And I'm sure some of the photos above will serve as 'before' photos whenever we start painting or redecorating here. What do you think?? There are lots of colors in this house! :) 

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