The Adventures of Bug and Boo

Saturday Night Movies

Rebecca O'LoughlinComment

It's Saturday! Sadly, it's been a wet and buggy one here. Several of these giant mozzies have been stuck all day to the screen window in the living room where I'm sat typing. It’s pretty creepy. I feel a little like they’re tiny vampires, hanging onto the exterior of the house, just waiting for me to step outside before they charge and I’m covered in little itchy bites. Blech. 

Bug is down for the night, thankfully – her annoying incisors are still coming through and frankly, I’m ready for them to make their appearance. She’s been miserable the last few days, whenever she’s not thoroughly distracted by toys and games and play-doh. And today with no ability to play outside, plus no "Nonie" (her way of saying her cousin Nolan's name), she was a bit of a cranky cookie. We survived though! M, Papa and I took her out for an exciting lunchtime adventure at Applebee's. She didn't like the food but she had a great time coloring in her books and saying hello to absolutely anyone and everyone that walked past our table. :) And taking selfies with Mama! She loves to see herself in the screen when she takes photos - and is pretty good at mimicking expressions, as you can see ;) 

Mum & Bug selfies while waiting for our lunch! 

We are going to watch a movie tonight! Which means that I will see the beginning of a movie and then pass out sound asleep within 15 minutes. ;) I would blame this on the pregnancy but really I've always been prone to crashing out when watching movies at night. And after what I really pray is a restful sleep, tomorrow will be a quiet, relaxing family day of church, naps, and playing outside (hopefully!). I also want to start to put together a list of things we ought to do around here, now that I'm back, to introduce M and Bug to the area and reacquaint myself - if you have suggestions, let me know!

I'm looking forward to a mellow Sunday! I hope you all have a lovely rest of the weekend, whatever you have planned. :)