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Grinning & Grateful

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I've got a lot on my plate right now, I won't lie. And yet I am greeting this morning's #GratefulHeartMonday with Ember Grey with so many things on my list that I am already feeling ready to tackle the week ahead! How wonderful is that?! 

Photo taken by my wonderful godmother, L Barski! 

Photo taken by my wonderful godmother, L Barski! 

Today I'm grateful, and here's why: 

  • Feeling Baby O2's tiny flutters for the past week or so!  :-D
  • A wonderful Family Funday this weekend with M, Bug, my parents, my brother, his wife, and their little boy (whom Bug adores)! We explored a wildlife park an hour away and everyone had a blast! We fed yaks, zebus, llamas, zebras, camels, elk, bison, and saw a ton of other creatures. Too fun! (Minus the yak sneezing on me when he got too close, yeeeeuk! Thank goodness for wet wipes.) By the way, if you were ever wondering, there is a crossbreed called the Zedonk (1/2 zebra, 1/2 donkey) - and it is the cutest thing ever. Like a small, dark grey zebra! 
  • Continuing that fun with a really lovely date night with M on Saturday. We headed downtown to try a restaurant that was recommended to us, and it was so good! Small and intimate but chock full of people all night, a great atmosphere, fantastic service, and delicious food - I ate 4 full courses despite having eaten too much at the wildlife park earlier!! M and I had 4 great hours to talk and laugh and share desserts, and remind ourselves how much we like each other! ;) 
  • Bug handling her jabs with no bad reactions. (She had to have 4 shots and a blood draw to 'catch up' with the US schedule of vaccinations, which is different to the UK. Poor baby but she was a trooper!) 
  • M arriving in Boston safely yesterday afternoon for his hectic work week ahead. 
  • My sister scheduling me in for a drastically needed cut and color this week, during evening hours at the salon - despite having a tiny new baby at home! She really <3s me!! 
  • A few play dates, and mum & Bug dates for this week :) 
  • Purchasing a ticket in the 'early sale' last night for the 2015 Influence Conference - I am SO psyched about this and it's a year away!! 

  • Slowly but surely crossing things off of our to do lists. 

  • A delicious cup of Swiss Mocha Almond coffee handed to me when I woke up this morning....(sometimes it's also the really little things!) 

I wish you all a beautiful day full of sunshine and hot coffee (or tea!) and a whole slew of wonderful things headed your way to brighten the week ahead! 

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