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The Creative Closet: Nautical

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Right! I think I am starting to get back into the (new) ‘normal’ swing of things this week. Although it feels like Monday…but that’s pretty typical for a day after a holiday J Last week turned into a throwaway week because the move was still so fresh and we had quite a lot on, so I missed the ‘Leather & Lace’ Creative Closet prompt. (My head goes in a million different directions with that one lol). Shame, because I love my leather jacket!! But, as will become painfully apparent in the next few weeks, I had to create a mini capsule wardrobe when I moved last week. Only I did so without the month of planning that typically goes into something like this (so says Caroline at Un-Fancy anyway ;) ) – and I had to try and take into consideration just how big my bump might get in the next 4-8 weeks and plan for that. ??? If you’re confused by all this, well so was I. Basically I packed my luggage with anything that still fit with a bit of give, dragged all of my maternity clothes out of the loft and snagged a few tops and leggings from that box, and that was that.

All of this is to say that the next few weeks of the Creative Closet are about to get more…creative. ;) I’ve got far fewer clothes, only 4 pairs of shoes, and only 2 bags here with me until our shipment from England arrives. And even though it’s due to hit NYC on Saturday (Holy fast-moving boat, Batman!!) it could still take 1-2 weeks to clear customs – and longer if they decide to open it and peruse all of my personal belongings. So I have no idea when the rest of my clothes will be here – and once they arrive, they’re still in with the rest of our belongings in 250 boxes only labeled by the room they were found in. Therefore, until we: 1) buy a house, 2) move our belongings into our house, and 3) unpack, I have only the clothes in my two pieces of luggage to work with (and hopefully they fit for a while!).

Which is the long version of me explaining away my outfit today :) The prompt for this week is ‘Nautical’ – and I think I did ok with the gear I have lol. It is ridiculously humid here so I’ve been in sundresses all week, even indoors – this one is particularly great for this weather since it’s so lightweight. It’s just a cotton tunic/dress from Old Navy but it works a treat in keeping cool! The navy and white striped flats and my red and white striped watch are the real nods to nautical – although I tied a white shirt around my shoulders in a ‘jaunty’ fashion for extra prep J Sadly I have gold anchor stud earrings that would have been perfect but I’m pretty sure they’re on the boat (isn’t that ironic!). Now if I had my whole act together, these photos would be taken at the lake, because hello perfect setting for the theme,  but oh well. You’ll have to suffer through the beautiful trees of my parents’ property. ;) 

Blatant bump shot - made the dress look less shapeless though ;)  Dress: Old Navy || Shoes: JustFab || Watch: Swatch (gift) || Shirt: New Look 

Blatant bump shot - made the dress look less shapeless though ;) 
Dress: Old Navy || Shoes: JustFab || Watch: Swatch (gift) || Shirt: New Look 

Have you got a favorite nautical or prepster outfit? Share it with Jana and Maegan (and the rest of us!) below!! :) 

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