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Friday Favorites & A Little Love

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Man, do I love Fridays!! Even the things that happen on a Friday seem to always be the best things in the week - I had my 18-20 week scan today and got to see Baby O(2) in 3D! How cool is that. There's the little love in all its curled up glory below. ;)  And last night M and I got out for dinner after he came home for work, Nana and Papa handled Bug's bedtime, and we enjoyed some quality time together!!  Yes, technically not Friday, but I'm considering Thursday night as the lead-up to Friday and all the wonderfulness of the weekend. (So there.)

Baby O2 - Adventures of Bug and Boo

My favorite reads this week are a wide mix of topics and 'feels'! But they are all wonderful just as they are diverse :) - I hope you check them out! 

1) When I'm Not a Happy CamperAfter a somewhat 'meh' week last week, reading this post earlier in the week about how Shannon Nichole fights off those feelings by searching for blessings anywhere that she can find them. “When we’re struggling in an area, we’re also blessed in another. The scales are never totally pressed down on the side of a struggle.”

2) Blogging 101: Choosing to Offer SponsorshipThis is a great and incredibly helpful post by Anne at Love the Here and Now. I won't lie - I have pinned each and every one of her Blogging 101 series so far, and this is no exception! I’m trying to navigate that tricky and unknown-to-me world of whether to have sponsors on the blog or not, and Anne’s post is the perfect guide to what it will entail and the things to consider when making the decision!

3) Canyons: A beautiful read from Emily at EmberGrey’s journal and the time she spent living in LA – and a universal truth about going into the darkness and coming out into the light. Just beautiful prose!

4) In parenting win news....: Susie at The Allison Wonderland cracks me up! I laughed so hard at this tale of a parenting #fail - albeit nervously, as I am only one missed nap away from this type of disaster myself! 

5) How to Brand Your Business or Blog: by Megan at arroway. Now I am nowhere near the branding of my blog as a business, to be fair, but I *do* appreciate a good design and even I took some handy tips from this post, which means everyone will! (Pinning it also in case I have more time in the future to focus on taking my blog to that next step...) 

And just for fun, as it's not a blogger's post per se - but I love how bloggers got a mention! Science Shows Writers Have a Serious Advantage Over the Rest of Us. :) See? Writing is good for the soul! 

Have a wonderful weekend! We are having a family day out tomorrow to do something fall-related, I can't wait! :) 

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