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Happy Monday! It is once again the beginning of a new week - hopefully a much happier and restful week - and to start me off on the right foot, I'm sidling up to Emily and her Grateful Heart linkup to share the things I'm grateful for today. :) 

1) Cooler weather!! The heat and humidity has eased up - and I know, I know, high 70s and low 80s is nothing compared to proper summer weather in NY but my body had acclimatised itself to British weather and now it's a bit shocked by wider temperature swings than it's used to. (I realise this means I will undoubtedly be freezing when the winter weather appears...but for now, I'm enjoying the refreshingly cool autumnal air!!) 

2) Bug's vocabulary is growing exponentially! This is amazing - she is picking up new words left and right, all after hearing them only once or twice, and her old words are being enunciated much more clearly. The development of the last few weeks is incredible. I don't know if it's the magic of fresh country air, or all of the attention from her beloved Nana and Papa, but the impact is wonderful. I'm blown away each day by her speaking. 

Pretty sure she's saying 'bubbles' here...her favorite thing to do on the deck!  

3) I finally heard the baby's heartbeat!! :) The transition from the UK to the US has been in the way. Because of the timing of our move, I didn't have any of the midwife appointments I should have had in the UK by now. And for the US I needed to get plugged into health insurance, find an OBGYN and register, and get an appointment before I could be seen and that's only just happened. But on Friday afternoon I finally got in and I listened to the heartbeat for the first time - an awesome moment. It's definitely a little person in there - not just too many pizzas!! ;) 

4) Our family gathering on Saturday was wonderful! Time with family was always one of my favorite things, and is even more so since my time overseas. I haven't seen my grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins in years - some since before I moved away. It was SO nice to see them all and spend time with them, catching up. It was a truly relaxing and comfortable afternoon full of laughter and delicious food. My parents are awesome for throwing it for us and my family is awesome for coming! It warms my heart to see Bug with my grandparents - their 6th great-grandchild! - and Bug climbed immediately into my grandpa's lap, it was so sweet! 

Bug and her Great-Grandpa :) 

Bug and her Great-Grandpa :) 

How is your week starting off? :) 

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