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Friday Love & A Family Tradition

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Yesterday I was feeling a little melancholy - to the (wise) point made by many of you, I am lacking a bit in the sleep area and that is definitely having an impact. But I was determined to see today as a new day in terms of mood. And when I saw Bailey Jean's 'Blogtember Challenge' prompt for today, it made me smile - all about a favorite tradition. Since my favorite tradition stems around Christmas, how could I possibly feel down when writing about such a fantastic time of the year?? 

The table being dressed for Christmas breakfast, 4 years ago... :) 

The table being dressed for Christmas breakfast, 4 years ago... :) 

One of my absolute favorite traditions is one that has been a part of my family's Christmas celebrations for years and years. It sounds like a simple thing - and it is - but it is truly one of my favorite parts of each year. For as long as I can remember, on Christmas morning, we all start the day having a waffle breakfast together. We don't open gifts or even sit down in front of the tree for pictures until we've eaten together. (Now, my brother and sister will have to tell me if my memory is wrong here but I don't believe we held strictly to this pattern when we were small...we were allowed to open the little gifts in our stockings before breakfast back then, my parents weren't cruel!) And we still continue this tradition, even with our own houses (ahem, soon, hopefully!), children, and having to travel to get together in the morning. It might be at a different house and not everyone might be present each time, but every year, Christmas Day doesn't begin until a large table decorated in holiday colors and patterns has been laden down with piles of homemade Belgian waffles, chilled bowls of thawed crushed strawberries that somebody picked the previous spring and had frozen, fresh whipped cream, and piles and piles of bacon and sausage. (YUMMMM, right??) On our first Christmas as a married couple, when I was pregnant with Bug and we couldn't travel, I kept up the tradition for just M and I, and it meant a lot to me that we still did it. It made the day feel like it was truly Christmas, even if none of our family were around. I'm sure a lot of people would want to dive right into presents and the excitement, but I think it's a really sweet family time - where we pray, eat, laugh, and fuel up for the general mayhem that undoubtedly ensues. ;) 

Continuing the topic of happy favorites, Friday is that day where I try and pinpoint a few of the favorite blog posts I read in the week, for you all to enjoy yourselves! #Bloggerlove all the way, baby! ;) And whilst I was behind this week (and every week since we moved!) I did manage to select a few readings that I really enjoyed and I think you will too:

1) The Struggle for Originality > by Kate at The Florkens. She hates the chevron and bar-cart trends and isn't afraid to share it! Kate writes about the dwindling sense of individuality today and wants everyone to start celebrating the things that make us all different. I wholeheartedly agree! 

2) Be Still, Be Present > by Lauren at 34 Magnolia Street. Lauren blogs about being fully 'present' in the day-to-day moments, rather than drifting off or multi-tasking about the many things on our to-do list. Being present allows us to enjoy each moment rather than squandering them! 

3) Head vs. Heart > by Erin at Two Thirds Hazel. I love this debate! Do you make your decisions based more on your head (rational, logical kind of thinking process), or your heart (gut feelings, a draw towards something with little explanation)? This post made me sit and ponder my own inclinations in this space... 

I hope you enjoy these, and I wish you all a wonderful weekend! We've got a family gathering tomorrow, welcoming M and Bug to the USA. ;) I can't wait to see my extended family - most of them I haven't seen in at least 3 years, since my sister's wedding! It should be a lot of fun! :) 

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