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Date Night & Friday Favorites

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Huge shout-out to Anne @ Love the Here and Now for her helpful tutorial on adding watermarks to photos! Finally I can do it!! :) 

Huge shout-out to Anne @ Love the Here and Now for her helpful tutorial on adding watermarks to photos! Finally I can do it!! :) 

Happy Friday, everyone! I am pushing to see the light at the end of the tunnel today...yesterday was a day of mishaps and adventures. Bug tried her hand at DIY highlights, which didn't come out with any amount of shampoo, so we're still rocking hthe blue streaks today. It's a pretty cool look, albeit a bit mature on my little girl. ;) And after many, many tantrums over tiny little frustrations, she then had a particularly miserable night of sleep last night - so I'm hanging a bit today. But there's no time to rest so we're powering through...! 

Yesterday M worked from home, which meant that he didn't have to commute in the evening and we were able to have a date night! It was so nice for us to be out to dinner together, phones tucked away, enjoying some nice food and fantastic company. It's easy to forget how nice that one to one time is, because we don't get the opportunity all that often. But every time we do, it rejuvenates our relationship and reminds me how much I love just talking to my husband. He's hilarious! One of the reasons we hit it straight off is because of our chats and how much he made me laugh - and he still does. :) It was a fun evening together. Sadly I have no photos because I can never remember to take them! M has a few on his phone but I can't really text him at work and make him send them to me, can I... Can I? ;) 

And today is Friday - which means in two weeks at this time our house will have been packed up in a shipping crate and will be empty, we will be doing a last look around and then heading off to the airport hotel for our flight the next day....! Holy moly. Time is a-ticking. It also means that it's a chance for me to share some writing that I've enjoyed reading this week, with Meagan at All the Joy's Friday Favorites linkup! I love this one because I get to highlight some posts that I really enjoyed myself throughout the week and share the love with those authors. I also get to find new blogs from other Friday Faves that people have shared! 

I hope you enjoy - and I hope you have a great weekend! 

  • The Thing About This Week's Dresses - by Fashion by Mayhem. If you don't know this blog, it is a mother whose daughter became fascinated by creating paper dresses. It sounds simple, but you should see some of their creations! Modeled after Oscars dresses, straight out of the imagination of this little girl, no matter the inspiration they are absolutely mindboggling! A future couture designer, perhaps. This post touched me as it's about watching your children grow up and become independent of us, the parents. Bug's nowhere near the age of independence yet but I can already see little signs and I can see it's going to be a hard transition for me (and M). 
  • It's All About the Weight - by The Allison Wonderland. Great play on words in the title alone, but this was a hilarious read as well. Allison is prego with baby #2 and as baby #1 was a huge 11 lbs (!!) naturally there is a lot of focus on 2's potential size...great moments told from inside her doctor's office. :) 
  • 5 Tips for Maintaining Long-Distance Friendships - by East &. Having lived thousands of miles away from the majority of the friends I made before my mid-twenties, this really resonated with me. It's hard work to maintain friendships when you no longer live near each other - and many that you think you'll have forever will almost soundlessly fade away if not enough work is put into keeping the connection (on both sides!) - but the effort you put into it will almost always pay off. And the little tips she shares are great - I got some ideas from it! :) 
  • I May Choose to NOT Reproduce - by Knock on Wood. Amanda Nicole's post about her and her husband's potential choice to not have a child. Refreshingly honest and brave discussion about personal choices in life. Why should anyone else have a say in that decision? 
  • Drugs in space and sleepless in the shuttle - by Mind Hacks. Now this is probably nobody's cup of tea but mine, but I did really enjoy it. I found it fascinating because I worked in a sleep clinic at one point, and when I was a clinical researcher I actually tested two of the drugs that are noted in the study on live human subjects, to research side effects and efficacy of the drugs overall. I think it's entirely understandable why astronauts would struggle with sleep normality up in space - but it doesn't sound as though anyone is researching the effects of using these drugs on the astronauts' performance the following days. Future research, perhaps... 

Now it's onto the weekend....hooray!! 

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