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Currently, I am...


Thinking: about the wonderful time we had in Ireland last week at our friends' wedding, niece's christening, and time spent with M's family. It went oh too fast - as it always does. It was tough to say goodbye, knowing that it will be longer before we are back this time... 
Enjoying: watching Bug play pretend with her doll "Baby" and her panda "Pah-pot" - she keeps strapping them into the pushchair (stroller) and 'feeding' them from her plastic bowls. (Then shrieking when she can't get them OUT of the pushchair because she's strapped them in, and throwing herself on the floor wailing until I release them. That part is less enjoyable.) ;)
Feeling: tired. I went to bed too late again last night. I wish I could change my natural sleep schedule and be one of those people who go to bed nice and early, and wake up fully rested each day. Then again I wish I could get everything done in the daytime that I need to do so that I didn't have to start my list at 8pm each night when Bug goes to bed! 
Wearing: a bike print tee and blue shorts - it's still nice and warm over here. 
Needing: a nice, strong coffee - oh and a personal assistant to come and keep me on task with this move! 
Wanting: to be done with this darn insurance form so I don't have to look at it ever again!!! Did you ever count all of your individual kitchen utensils and assign a value to them? Sooooo. much. fun! (<----dripping with sarcasm) 
Listening: to BBC Radio 1. Going to miss Grimmy with Call or Delete! And English rock. Seriously dig the music over here. 
Making: nothing! Too much to pack to make anything crafty now, and too much in the freezer to use up in the next two weeks. Dinnertime is going to be very easy now. 
Eating: some apple pie for a late brekkie, courtesy of my friend Nicola who brought dessert to our play date yesterday...yum! :) 
Drinking:  Barry's tea! M grabbed a whole bunch when we were in Ireland so we'd be stocked up when we land in NY and I've cracked it open already. Nothing like being in Ireland for a few days to start you sipping a cuppa every hour or so! 

Today, I'm linking up with Anne at Love the Here and Now, for Wednesday Wishes. And I am Wishing: that we get all of the big things done we need to do for this move and sell the things we need to in the next week or so. I don't like things hanging over my head and feel much better when things are crossed off my To Do list. 

Also, I'm wishing that our friends who got married last week have the most amazing honeymoon!! They're already on a wine tour in Spain to kick it off and they've got a good few stops after that. Instead of being jealous I'm just wishing them a wonderful trip, lots of laughter and good memories, and the most amazing life together full of joy and happiness! 

And lastly, I'm wishing that we get to go home to Ireland as soon as possible after the holidays. That everyone there keep well and healthy and that we get to see as many family members & friends as possible on our next trip. That we Skype repeatedly over the next few months so they can enjoy Bug's continually developing personality and entertainment 'live' rather than just in photos. And that everyone who is able to, will come and visit us too over in NY!! 

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