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Well hello there! I have had a genuine latte this morning so I am wide eyed and bushy tailed as I write, a rather rare occasion. You are getting the upbeat and caffeine-fueled version of moi! Lucky, lucky you. ;) 

As you may have deduced, I frequently spend my Wednesday evenings looking at old photos to share on a #throwbackthursday, and often I am not sure what photos to post. Partly because I hate almost every picture of me ever, and partly because I feel that inevitably a funny anecdote or story must accompany said pictures - and not every picture has a funny anecdote to go with it. So I toss a lot of photos out of the running and look for a story that I might have a few pictures to go with it.

Until today. Today I decided that I am just going to share a whole bunch of crazy bad photos that were taken during my travels with M. I don't know what it is, but put me in an airport, and all of the weird seeps out of my pores and I act like a complete child, posing with every possible strange thing that I can find. And M manages to capture it all with his phone for posterity... Pictures that I never expected to share! But I am in fact an utter and total goofball, so why hide it? ;) 

So enjoy these - me in my absolute weirdest moments at various airports! 

Uh oh.....crabs!!! 

A little hit of silliness for Thursday :)

And one nice one, because I can take semi normal photos if prompted - Bug's first transatlantic journey / time at Heathrow! 


Do you have any fun memories in mind today? Tell me about them in the comments, I love hearing from you! 

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