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Family Wishes

Rebecca O'LoughlinComment

Family. :)


That is without a doubt one of my favorite words. It can evoke such emotion - joy, sorrow, frustration, happiness...the whole gamut can be run just in hearing that one word. And the overarching emotion might change depending on what's going on in your life at the time. What a powerful word!

I love my family - they are such a huge part of who I am and where I come from. They always make sure I know that they love me. They have been there for me through thick and thin.

I grew up as one of three kids. My dad is one of 3 brothers and 2 stepsisters, my mom is one of 6 siblings, and my grandparents are both blessed with MANY brothers and sisters (my grandfather was one of 13 or 14!). I used to think that 3 was too many kids (this was when I was one of those 3, growing up, and the other two were beating on me a little too frequently..). But actually, as I get older, all I want is for my Bug to be one of many. I want her to have a lot of people around her, each in the way my family has been around for me. To support her, to make her laugh, to lean on when things are tough, to lift her up when she falls. If someone is angry with her I want there to be someone else that she can turn to for advice, and if M and I one day are not around, I want her to have a village to hold her and help her through whatever she needs help with. 


I'm not saying that I want to have a whole village full of children. Let's lay that straight right now! But I guess I'm saying that I would love for us to be a big(gish) family. I don't know what the future will bring. There may be just Bug and this little microbug to grow up together - whatever happens will be fine and what is meant to be. I just hope and pray and wish that no matter how many of them there are in the end, that these kiddos will always be close (even if not geographically), and that they will always be able to rely on each other for whatever they may need. My brother and sister and I may not have perpetually been in great contact with each other - over the years it has peaked and troughed as many things do - but I know that they would do almost anything for me if I needed them to. And I can't wait to finally be living close enough to really build out our relationships again.

So for my Wednesday Wishes today, I am wishing for two things: 1) that my family and I grow tighter than ever and strengthen our bonds even more now that we'll all be in the same city, and 2) that whatever my own family looks like for the future, that Bug is surrounded by loved ones in some shape or another, and that she never feels alone or lost in this world. 

Whatever you're wishing for today, join to the linkup at Love the Here and Now! :) Now spill - what are your big wishes at the moment?? 

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