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Another Draft for Team O'Loughlin

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Another Monday, another chance to groan and whinge about the start of the week and all of the things that weren't perfect over the weekend, or this morning...OR - thanks to Emily @ EmberGrey - a chance to think happy thoughts and mull over what I'm grateful for today! 

We had a great weekend, really. There were its moments of course - aren't there always? - but they were all eclipsed by a very special family moment yesterday when all three of us sat in the sonographer's office and watched a little black & white smudge bounce around on the screen. To which Bug pointed enthusiastically and yelled 'Baybeeee'! :) Yup. Team O'Loughlin has expansion plans, ladies & gentlemen. Three will become four in February 2015!!

A slightly old photo as this was the 'announcement' to the grandparents :) 

A slightly old photo as this was the 'announcement' to the grandparents :) 

I know what you're thinking - 'you guys don't do anything simply!!!!' - and you're right. Ha! A transatlantic move, setting up a new home, finding a neighborhood to live in, buying a house, why not throw having another baby into the mix?!? I am freaking out a little on the inside at the sheer craziness of all that needs to be accomplished in the few months before Bug's little sibling joins us. But as we learned with the first one, it all seems to come together in the end, so I will be holding tightly to that! 

So today I am grateful for the tiny blob inside my (faster-than-expected!) growing tummy, and extremely grateful that this child will be born surrounded by family, as we really missed having that last time. Plus, my parents as inbuilt babysitters as the chaos doubles next year!! ;) 

What are you grateful for today? 

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