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The Biggest News of All....

Rebecca O'LoughlinComment

We've got some news. And it's not just any news. It's actually a bit of a doozy.... 



EPIC even...






Are you still with me? (This would be a pretty cruel joke if there actually was no news sitting at the bottom of this screen....muahahaaaa) ;) 



I promise there is some genuinely big news to reach. But wait! The Biggest News of All requires a deep breath first....ok, are you ready? Are you sure? OK, ok, if you're sure...... 





That's right people - after six years of living in the UK, it is finally time for me to pack up my tea and crumpets. This Yank is going home!!!

Holy moly, it looks even more cray to see it in print. EEK!! 

Wild, right?! I don't even know where to start. When, you say? Eh that's a bit of a loose definition right now. That depends on when the US decide to grant a visa for M and let him enter the country. Could be at any point in the next few months....could be at the end of a few months. We're assuming that we will be there by September but it could be earlier. Who knows!?! But his new job that I mentioned has started already, and they've requested that we move over as soon as we're able, so we know that it's going to happen. We just don't know the exact date yet. We do know that we're heading to my hometown! Where I grew up - a place I haven't lived since I was 17 and went away to university. Where all of my family currently live - Bug is finally going to know her American family!! 

So today for Wednesday Wishes with Anne, I'm wishing for some sort of update for us from USCIS, and for peace and patience throughout this whole process. There's no way that I can keep this whole thing organized the way I usually try to manage things, so I'm going to need a major dose of calm and acceptance to help along the way...but it's an exciting new phase for our little family...wish us luck! :) 

What are you wishing for today? 

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