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Family Weekend Time

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Ember Grey

Sometimes lazy weekends are the best ones! 


M started a new job at work last Monday, and he did some long hours last week as a result. So this weekend we decided not to go anywhere and to just relax at home. 

We had our good friends Brendan and Denise over for brunch on Saturday - the newlyweds!! (This is the wedding I missed because Bug got sick..) A special treat for me - they'd just received a memory stick of wedding photos in the post and I got to look through them and relive the day. It was beautiful! I'm still a bit sad that I missed their wedding but I'm thrilled to see how happy they were with their day, how loved up they were in the photos, and how happy they are now that they're married. :) Bug loved the extra attention from the dynamic duo and they're brilliant with her, which is an added bonus. Friends who genuinely like your child and are happy to play with her are seriously a blessing. 


After the newlyweds headed off, Bug and I gave M the remote and we played in the back room so he could watch the World Cup and put his feet up for a few minutes. That night after Bug was all washed and PJ'd and snuggled in bed, we watched the Netherlands v Costa Rica match together and just vegged. (It was an AMAZING match!) On Sunday M gave me a precious 2 hours of extra sleep Sunday morning when Bug woke up before 6am - he shut off the monitor, grabbed her out of her crib and swooped her downstairs before I even heard a second whimper. By the time I wandered downstairs she'd had her breakfast, been dressed (in matching clothes!), had read every book in the house to her daddy multiple times, and they'd taken Bunny for a walk in the back through the park. We spent the day going to church, having lunch together at home, and then taking a walk through a part of Lee Valley Park that we'd never been through before - despite it being right next to where we always stop and feed the ducks. I'd always looked at this wooden pathway that seemed to be in the middle of nowhere and thought the pushchair wouldn't fit down it. But we decided to just try and it was fine! The wooden path is raised up above marshy land and the scenery is cattails, and greenery everywhere, and trees growing out of the water. It was beautiful - and peaceful! 


What I am grateful for this morning is my wonderful husband. Besides the lie-in on Sunday, M helped me put together the Saturday brunch and then cleaned the entire kitchen up afterwards; he had the most amazing red, white and blue bouquet of flowers delivered to me on Friday for the 4th :) ; and despite his exhaustion from crazy working hours all week long, he still managed to pull out loads of energy every time Bug went looking for her dada to play games with her, which was pretty much nonstop all weekend long. He is a fantastic dad and such a great partner to me - I'm so lucky to have him by my side as we figure out this parenting adventure. Love you honey! :) 


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