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2.5 Weeks in Italy

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It is hot here. Hot for here, anyway. After six summers in England I've adjusted to the weather - a typical summer is generally in the high 60s and low 70s, nice and comfortable, not too hot. Well, anyone who says global warming isn't real....come over here NOW! It's been 80-83 for weeks and weeks now, sunny and glorious, and I am not used to this. In fact, the other day, there was no breeze, all of the windows and the back doors were all open, and it was so stifling I just sat in a cold bath for half an hour eating a sample ice cream that arrived in my groceries that day. (Thank you, ice cream sample giver!!! Genius!!) 

And get this - tomorrow it is going to be nearly 90 DEGREES here. Let me tell you what that will be like: the overhead train power lines will sag because they're not used to the heat, so all of the overground trains will be completely delayed and messed up. The Tube is not air conditioned and already feels sweltering in 80 degrees so I pity all of the commuters who will be standing pressed back-to-back with other sweaty, dripping people (sooo glad I'm not one of those people!). We will have some blackouts no doubt - simple power outages because of the heat. I've got one teeny tiny fan, a pint-sized paddling pool, and some ice in my I ready for this? I already know Bug doesn't like the heat...let's hope we make it through the day ok! 

Anyway, in honor of the sunshine and heat we're going to have tomorrow, I've got a whole slew of photos of another hot, sunny place - our honeymoon in Italy!! It's Throwback Thursday, and it's time for me to relive the most awesome trip I've ever taken :) 

We had the benefit of not leaving straight away for our honeymoon. I think that was a really wise decision in the end. My parents came to Ireland about a week before the wedding so we spent a lot of time with them in those days leading up to it, taking them sightseeing, staying with them at a coastal house we borrowed from family friends, and just enjoying the time together as a family. They - and a lot of friends! - stuck around for a few days after the wedding too so we got to have a 'day-after' party at M's parents' house, dinner with all of the family left in town, a night out at the local pubs with our friends, and plenty of time to say thank you and goodbye to everyone who came. After we saw everyone off, we drove back to London (yes, drove - a looong trip comprising of drive several hours, take the ferry several hours, then drive many many more hours!) and vegged for a day. Then we were off! 

We spent 2 days in Florence (Firenze) - right in the middle of this crazy heatwave they were having! Then we drove to Tuscany for a few days, staying at a beautiful small villa in the hills with a 5 star restaurant on site; after that we took a train to Naples and then drove to the Amalfi coast where we spent a week in the cliffs, relaxing, enjoying the sea, seeing Pompeii, and touring the various towns along the coast (Positano, Amalfi, Sorrento). Then we finished up our visit going out to the Isle of Capri for a few nights. Each place was amazing - all different from each other, beautiful, friendly, wonderful food, great hotels with 30 rooms or less at each. We relaxed, ate, swam, went places when we felt like it, lounged around when we didn't, and just enjoyed each other's company for 18 days. It was the BEST trip ever!! Here are some of my favorite photos: 

duomo by night
An outdoor nighttime orchestra performance in front of this gorgeous building!
beautiful hills of Tuscany
Our breakfast spot at the Tuscany villa 
Driving from Napoli to Amalfi
cliffs of Amalfi coast
Pompeii 2
Pompeii 3
View from our balcony in Praiano 
Sorrento vista

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