The Adventures of Bug and Boo

It's the Weekend!!

Rebecca O'LoughlinComment

It's the weekend!! Wahoo!! 

After the gorgeous weather yesterday (see photo above), it is now pouring rain and cool out...but we're not going to let that bring us down! 

Today we are meeting some lovely friends for lunch - and hopefully, to find out whether the host and hostess's first little one will be a prince or princess...! I love that kind of news :) Not that the answer changes anything, but isn't it fun to start picturing the nursery, and outfits, and who they might resemble more? There are so many babies due this sister-in-law is due any day, my sister back home is expecting her 4th in August, and soooo many friends are due in the next few months. Isn't it funny how these things tend to cycle? It's a bit like weddings - we all have those years where it seems everyone we know is getting married, and then the next year we have maybe one to attend. (I would guess it has to do with being surrounded by people *somewhere* around the same point in life.) Anyway, exciting times ahead for many loved ones!

And tonight is a big first night away from Bug!! Natalie, one of my close American friends here in London, is (sniff!) moving back to the States in the next few weeks - she and her husband are headed off to LA! I wonder if the English weather swayed their decision on where to move.... ;) So to have a proper girly farewell, I'm off to a girls' night out - our last one as the group of American chicks who have been together for the last 5-6 years! It's going to be wonderful to catch up with everyone, to hang out in my old neighborhood in town, and enjoy London with the girls like we used to!!! (No doubt it will feel strange not to be sleeping across the hall from my baby...but on the positive side, at least I won't be waking up at 5 tomorrow morning!!) Now, if only I could figure out what to wear....

What do you have planned for the weekend? :)