The Adventures of Bug and Boo

Happy July 1st!

Rebecca O'LoughlinComment

Yes, I'm aware that the actual holiday is on the 4th. ;) But I cannot believe it is already July...that means we are officially in the second half of the year, people. Where has the time gone?? 

I feel like time holds new (strange) meaning for me now that I'm following a little toddler around all day. Certain things whiz by in a blur and other things - like our current mealtime battles - seem to drag on all. day. long. Yet I am constantly looking back and wondering how on earth so much time has passed without me noticing...

As of next month, I will have been in the UK for SIX YEARS...!! Whaaaaat?? It was only meant to be 2 and then I was going to be back in NYC, in my old neighborhood, working with my old team. Instead, I've left the company altogether, got married, had a child, and am doing the SAHM 


Speaking of time flying, looking at my to do list for the past week.....I didn't do so great....only one thing has been done! Wow. I feel like a total slacker right now. 

  • File my FBAR form. DONE! The only one completed. But, probably the most critical. So that's something.
  • Take Bug swimming. Just didn't happen. It's been so nice out she's wanted to play outdoors.
  • Close my bank accounts in the Wharf. Doing this tomorrow!!
  • Move old photos from iPhoto onto external hard drive. Yeah...this one just seems like it will take so much time...I've having a hard time rallying for this. I will do it!!

In good news, I did make plans for Friday with my (American) friend Cheryl - we will take the kids to picnic in the park and enjoy the Fourth that way. :) 

My list for the week ahead: 

  • Close accounts - tomorrow! 
  • Take Bug swimming. 
  • Book/confirm all the details for our trip to Cork for Niall and Niamh's wedding at the end of the month! The hotel has a babysitting service?? Jackpot! M and I both might be able to stay through dinner and dancing and actually enjoy each other's company! :) 
  • Move my photos. 
  • Plan date night for next Thursday. Yay! 
  • Use all of the groceries I just had delivered today. I don't want to toss anything in the compost bin that simply hasn't been used. Waste not, want not! 

Do you have anything on your to do list this week that you've been ignoring? Or is that just me...? :) 

Linking up with the happy Amanda at Marry Mint for hopes & plans once again! 

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