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Good Friends and Bad Taxes...

Rebecca O'LoughlinComment

I am struggling to bring my gratefulness to the forefront today, even though it's Grateful Heart Monday with EmberGrey again and I do enjoy these days...there's a few things that are making me grumble and complain, and I need to just shut that part of my brain off so I can focus on the good...


I'm grateful for being able to file my FBAR tax form this morning, on deadline! My computer just wasn't having it - refusing to download Adobe Reader, no browser opening up the PDF I needed to complete, and I was freaking out a little. Then my expat friend Cheryl offered to let me come over and use her computer and totally saved my rear end! Thank you, Cheryl!! 

I'm grateful for surprises! I came home from filing my PIA American tax form, all annoyed and grumbling about taxes, to a letter in the post from HMRC - that's Her Majesty's Revenue & Customs, sort of like UK's IRS. Eek! I was slightly terrified that I was going to find an audit request in the envelope...but it was a cheque! They wrote that when they did all the calculations when I left work this year, that they realised I had overpaid in taxes last year, and they sent me the overpayment amount...!! #bestfeelingever :) 

I'm grateful for visits with friends this weekend. We had a great afternoon hosting a lunch at ours on Saturday with a few couples and one of Niamh's friends, it was very relaxing and we just enjoyed each other's company. And on Sunday we went over to Cheryl and Mark's for an amazing brunch to say farewell to Nat and Adam who are moving to LA tomorrow...


Which reminds me that I'm grateful I managed to stick through that whole brunch yesterday without tears. :/ I had a little cry in the morning, thinking about having to say official goodbyes to two friends who made everything that happened here in London so much easier for me, and I fought the tears bigtime when we were all together. I managed to hold them back when everyone was around. That's no small feat.

Happy Monday everyone - what are you thankful for today? 

Ember Grey