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Wishing, and Hoping, and Thinking...

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...his kisses will star-ar-art....! ;) Yeah, cheesy indeed, but I got the lyric in my head writing the title and now I have the song on repeat! At least it's a happy song on this lovely hump day of the week. :) 

I have a whole lot of things that I need to do this week (plans) and a whole lot of things that I am dreaming would happen (wishes & hopes). 

Here are my plans for the week ahead - the things I need to do: 

  • File my FBAR form. Aka the Foreign Bank Account Reporting form. Stupid tax reporting form for the US government that all expats have to file, listing each bank account they hold outside of the US and the maximum balance it ever held at any point in the tax year. Takes forever to complete and I hate it. But it's due the 30th of June so I have to be like Nike and JUST DO IT. Hold me accountable for this one please!! 
  • Take Bug swimming - she's having so much fun in the paddling pool, I've got to get her in the big pool again so she doesn't forget how to swim under water! There's kid swim times at LeisureZone and the John Warner pool so I just need to find one that we can fit around naps and meals.
  • Close my bank accounts in the Wharf. Finally! That darn FBAR form has made me realize I have too many bank accounts. I only really need the joint checking with M - the rest are pointless. And I get awful customer service!
  • Move all the old photos from my laptop onto an external hard drive. My computer is too slow. I need to clear up some space for new stuff! I take a million photos a day on my phone and they need to go somewhere until I have time to delete the 7000 bad frames and pick out the one decent one. 

And these are my less time sensitive but still important hopes & wishes for the week: 

  • That I would figure out some fun way to celebrate the Fourth next Friday! Anyone? What can make up for no fireworks??
  • That M and I can find one weekend in the next month with no plans, where we can take Bug to Frinton-on-sea, which apparently has a lovely sandy beach (one of our Summer Sandpail List items. Thanks for the reco, Mellissa!) 
  • That M can find days he'd be able to take off of work so we can book our trip home to Ireland. We are dying to meet my new niece D! 
  • And lastly, that I could figure out how to handle Bug's poor table behaviour at dinnertime. She's become a nightmare with testing boundaries, and the worst time of the day seems to be when we sit down for dinner. She says no to everything I put in front of her, she pushes her dishes away from her or flat out throws them on the floor, she tosses food onto the ground, and then when we take her away from the table, an hour later of course she's crying by the cupboards because she's hungry. :/ I wish that a solution would come to me on this, or that she would miraculously stop this behaviour!! 

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