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Kate & Wills & A Wonder of the World - #TBT

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Happy Throwback Thursday! I have to say, I *love* these excuses to pull out the old photos. Although the quality of the images can be less than desirable, it's so fun to go digging through old photos and spark some memories that haven't cropped up in a while. 

I was going to do a whole thing on when we moved in together, but then I came across the photos of our visit to Rochester, NY - M's first time going 'home' with me to where I grew up. It was July 2011, and we'd been living together for a few months. He met my parents the summer before, somewhat early in our relationship as we'd only been dating a few months, but when my parents came over to London to visit me the opportunity was there, so we spent a day all together exploring Windsor Castle and they got to know him a little. Then in 2011, my sister was getting married, so I took M home with me to meet the REST of my family. 


We had a great trip! Sun, heat, boating on the lake, a family wedding and party, time with my parents one on one...I couldn't have asked for a better trip home! We had a lot of fun at the wedding too - the Royal Wedding had been a few months before, so I took the Kate and Wills face masks home with me and they ended up getting passed around all night - some of my favorite snaps ha! 


No doubt the visit was a little daunting for M - his first time meeting my sister and it was at her wedding! Plus meeting both sets of grandparents, numerous aunts, uncles, cousins, friends - but he took it all in stride. In fact, I think he really enjoyed it! He had an ulterior motive for this trip, you see. He was planning to ask my dad for my hand in marriage...

And as we were driving back to Toronto to catch our flight, on the 13th of July, we drove past Niagara Falls, one of the Wonders of the World. I've seen it a good few times, growing up so close to it, but it is still pretty darn impressive and beautiful. And M just swerved the car and pulled over into a parking lot and said we HAD to go see it up close. We went into the visitors centre and he pushed me towards a coffee shop and told me to get him a coffee. (Unusual to tell me to do something rather than ask, but I figured he had to run to the loo, ha!) I mentioned the ridiculous heat outside and asked if he'd rather an iced coffee, and he distractedly said yeah sure. I bought the coffee, waited for him to find me again, and we went out to take a picture in front of the falls. (Photos are much better from the Canadian side, btw). 


I was standing there with my iced coffee, looking at the power and rush of the water, and M turned to me - and then a family of 8 grabbed us both and asked if we would take their photo. M looked horribly flustered, then handed me his coffee, grabbed the camera awkwardly and started snapping away. I wandered away and he came to find me, then told me we should walk up the steps to the open pavilion so we could see better. I started up the steps and all of a sudden he grabbed my arm, I look back, and he's on one knee!!! He pulls open a box and shows me a ring, and asks me to marry him! I believe my exact words were, "Hell yeah!!" and kissed him so hard I almost knocked him off the steps! 

We laughed and hugged and saw quite a few tourists taking photos of US in our silly moments, and all of the people in the restaurant looking down at the falls giving us thumbs up and big smiles. :) He said he simply couldn't wait until we were home where he'd planned a whole thing out, and once he saw the Falls, he knew he had to do it there. So he had been running around the gift shops looking for a ring with any semblance of a diamond on it, lol. (That ring is still in my jewelry box, it's such a special reminder of the most wonderful moment!) 

Sharing the news with Ireland! :) 

Sharing the news with Ireland! :) 

It was a truly magical day and I spent the long flight home glowing from the wonderful trip we'd had! 

And it wouldn't feel like Thursday if I wasn't partying with the 3 Southern Gals, so check out some fun old photos and stories via the button below! :) 

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