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Summer Sandpail List 2014

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Today I'm linking up with Amanda at Marry Mint to talk about my hopes and plans for the summer! I figured since it's summer a sandpail is more seasonal than a bucket ;) 

It is now SUMMER, people!! (I realise the photo is misleading but I assure you, regardless of the hoodie and jeans, it was taken today. In the middle of June.) 

This summer is a special one - Bug is old enough that we can go and do a lot more as a family!! Last summer she was only a few months old, she wasn't sleeping through the night (still 3-4 wake-ups, ugh) and she was still refusing bottles. That made it tough to do anything requiring an overnight away, as it's bad enough when I don't get to sleep and I'm at home, but to have that happen at a hotel?? A waste. It also meant I couldn't get away easily on my own time either. It was a fabulous summer in that we got to spend a lot of time in Ireland and America, introducing Bug to all of her family - that was wonderful! But I have so many things I want to do this summer now that we can get out and explore, and she will find these new experiences fun too: 

1) Take Bug to see the ocean. Aka find a British beach within driving distance that has sand instead of pebbles...anyone? 

2) Do *something* to celebrate the 4th of July! It never feels quite right since there are no fireworks, but I can't just ignore the day. 

3) Berlin. i'd love to take a long weekend trip. M lived there for a bit and it would be so nice to let him show Bug and myself around his old stomping grounds. 

4) Spa day full works. 'Nuff said. 

5) Rent a paddle boat to go down the Lee River. The place to do it is literally around the corner, but we always walk along the bike path rather than get *onto* the water. I so want to be on a boat! 

6) Date nights with M. I'll say 3....I think that's achievable. At least one at some sort of music venue. (I miss live music like you wouldn't believe!) 

7) Have a clear out! Summer cleaning, call it what you will - I need to weed through everything in our loft, shed, chests of drawers, etc and get rid of unnecessary things. We've accumulated a lot of clutter since we moved from a 2 bed apartment in central London out to a 3 bed house in the 'burbs... 

8) Take an Irish trip to meet our new family member!! :) 

9) Find a way to make Bug's swim lessons work. Water Babies is seriously her favorite thing to do - she adores being in the water, she loves the instructor, and she gets so excited when she sees we're about to swim. We've missed the last few because of bank holidays and her nap schedule changing but I don't want to miss any more. 

10) Staycation in the UK. Find a new place we haven't been - like the gorgeous tiny mountain village we drove through in Snowdonia - and explore it!

11) Use my gym membership. Seriously - just go to the gym. I have a terrible habit of getting a membership and then overdoing it and getting sick or hurt and then I've got to find the mojo to get back into it. Motivate me!

12) Photograph EVERYTHING! I always forget my camera for every important event - like our last girls' night out last week. Yes iPhone to the rescue but once in a while it would be nice to have a quality photo that I can print and frame.

13) A dream list add-on, in case we complete all of the previous ones and have time to kill (& money to burn ha): either Paris or Istanbul


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What hopes & plans do you have for this summer?