The Adventures of Bug and Boo

The Best-Laid Plans + Children = Travelus Interruptus

Rebecca O'LoughlinComment

So! Today is the day that our wonderful friends Denise and Brendan get married!! Actually, as of this point, they are officially husband and wife - hooray!! I know this because M sent me a ton of iPhone pics of Denise walking down the aisle, the back of her dress (because he knows me), and the two toasting together after the ceremony. 


'Stop the press! What do you mean, photos...? Aren't you at this wedding? Isn't that what you were blogging about when you should have been sleeping last night??' 

Sigh. Yes. Only last night I was wracking my brain trying to think of what I was going to wear today, as I haven't been to a wedding since our own in 2012 (!!) - and I finally came up with the outfit, fell promptly asleep within 3 minutes, and then we all proceeded to have The. Worst. Night. EVER. 

Seriously, it was awful. All of us awake and everyone tired, M & I taking turns for hours holding a screaming, exhausted and pained little girl with what must have been the worst wind trapped in her belly. I don't think we've seen her like that since she was teeeeeeny tiny. :( Poor child. We still managed to drag ourselves out of bed at 7am, threw absolutely everything we would need for 24 hours away from home into the car (shocking, btw, the quantity of things we 'needed'), filled up on diesel and canned frappuccinos (because we're classy with a k) and hit the road into central London. 

First snag - road closure. Not usually so terrible except this was the closest road to the Motorway we needed by a long shot and we'd already gone 20 minutes into our drive. No worries: turn around, head back in another direction and hope the satnav says "Rerouting..." Instead after a few minutes it tries to take us back in the first direction so we mute the annoying voice and pull over to look at the map ourselves. Figure out an alternative, we arre back on the road towards a route half an hour out of our way, but the only way possible to drive in this morning. A little rain starts, we decide to be optimistic that it will clear for photos later, and we start the radio. Two minutes later, the second - and big - snag. We both hear an unmistakeable sound from the backseat and our spirits sink immediately...Bug is getting sick. :(  (Sidebar - can I just say, it doesn't matter that she's my child and I do love her with all my heart but that's always gross and I haaaaaate it! Yuck.) We pulled over again and both stood in the rain, leaning into the backseat, holding Bug up and stripping off her clothes and cleaning the carseat when we noticed at the same she's sitting there in her nappy....she's covered in little red spots. 

My heart sunk. I realised that we were calling it, right there and then. I was going to miss this wedding...I was not getting the tee shirt.  We headed back home, emptied the car, I took Bug in to clean her off and call the NHS helpline to see if she needed the doc, and M worriedly left to catch the train. 

She's fine, thankfully - it's not the dreaded pox, she just needs a few prescriptions and some rest and a diet change for a bit and she should be back to herself within a few days. And M still somehow made it on time so he managed to see the whole ceremony - and get most of it on video for me! I'm feeling a little less worried about the kiddo now that we've seen a doctor - but I'm still pretty sad to missing this big day. TWO friends getting married, in one of my favorite parts of London, where M & I spent a lot of time in our relationship...I was looking forward to getting a picture of the 3 of us in front of Tower Bridge, showing Niamh the park by City Hall where we used to sit in the sun years ago when it was nice out, and enjoying the warm fuzzies of being in such a special place with someone who wasn't part of it originally, but is definitely a product of it all. Plus I was so excited to see Denise walk down the aisle, meeting both of their families, and helping them celebrate their love! 


This kind of thing happens a lot as a parent. And as I'm a bit of a control freak, as you may have gathered, I have had to learn how to roll with the punches more than ever in my life. Sometimes you miss out on things that you were really looking forward to, and sometimes you get things you didn't particularly ask for (like sick-up in the car ha). But it's still the best gift ever and I will still cuddle this sicky all day long, because one day she will be so grown up that she won't need or want me like this anymore. Please let that be a long time away!! 

 Besides, I now have an excuse to get all of us dressed up for absolutely no reason and get someone to take photos of us! Even if it's just in our back garden :)