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The Tropics

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We have had the most glorious weather here this week! Sunshine galore, light breezes, and consistently 75 degrees!!! (For England, that is positively tropical and balmy). Being able to be outdoors is a godsend with a little one. She gets so bored of being inside, in the same rooms and with the same toys. If it's bad weather we are always hunting for something different to do or somewhere new to go. Plus the fresh air helps wear her out - she's sleeping a little bit better and I am attributing it to being outside so much. We've been living out in the garden, kicking a ball around, splashing around in the paddling pool (I seriously need to get one for myself), and playing at the park.

We also got to enjoy a playdate with Bug's friend Noah yesterday (and his mum and baby brother!) I'm finding it really heartwarming to see her growing friendships with children. The baby era is over now, which is a little sad, but she is completely her own person now. She has opinions on everything, chatters nonstop, and smiles and waves at anyone or anything who looks in her direction. With all of this comes a hint of her personality that is developing, and the ability to connect with other kids around her age. It's amazing to see how these two have changed from not even acknowledging the other in the room, to not wanting to share toys, to begrudgingly playing side by side, to lately, chasing each other around and sharing toys and books, and even doing puzzles together - I am awed at the growth and the maturity! (Relatively speaking, of course. Maturity for a 16 month old...ha!) 

And as today is Wednesday, I am linking up with Anne from Love the Here and Now for another round of Wednesday Wishes! 

So - today I am wishing for: 

  • this gorgeous weather to continue! 
  • a wee tan....not as dark as when I practically lived on the shore during my NYC summers (I will seriously extol the virtues of suncream now that I'm in my 30s), but a nice shade or two darker than this cave-dwelling, powdery white hue would be nice! 
  • Bug's friendships to continue to grow and develop :) 

and last but not least, 

  • a FABULOUS wedding day for our friends Denise and Brendan!! They are getting married on Saturday and I hope they have the best day ever! We are going to attend as a family, and stay overnight at a hotel in London so we don't have to rush back after the reception starts. I probably will miss the dancing, but I'm just psyched that they want Bug to join us and be part of the day! Must go plan all three of our outfits....what do you think, should we ALL match? Just M & I? Does it matter at all?

Are you wishing for anything exciting today? :) 

Love the Here and Now

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