The Adventures of Bug and Boo

A Tired Bug Does Not a Good Playdate Make

Rebecca O'LoughlinComment

Bug and I invited friends over for a playdate this morning. (I would say that with more excitement, except she didn't behave herself very well...)


We've been cooped up with all this rain (please come back, Mr Sun!!) and she's been protesting the injustices of the situation both subtly (by bringing me her shoes all day long and standing at the front door often, trying to reach the handle) and more overtly (by pointing outside through the glass doors and yelling at me and/or throwing her shoes at me).

Needless to say we both needed a little distraction and fun. So we asked our lovely friend from church and her lovely little girl over to play. Now normally, this would be a wonderful distraction, and Bug would play happily, probably following the older girl around and trying to give away all of her toys. 

Today, however, she was not on top form. She kept yanking toys away from the other girl, getting upset if she touched any of her things, and throwing downright screaming fits! So not cool, kiddo. You're supposed to be the hostess of your little shindig!! 

Thankfully being the lovely person that she is - and a seasoned mummy herself - this did not faze Yele (thank you!) and I think we may still even be invited to hang out with her and Tilly again. But I was a little embarrassed and honestly I didn't know what to do to stop the behaviour since it was the first time she's thrown a tantrum where it wasn't just myself and/or daddy...any tips are welcomed. 

It didn't end there either - we had a day of whining, moaning, yelling, throwing little fits, being clingy, climbing into my arms, repeat, repeat, repeat. This was my view for the entire time I was trying to make dinner: (yes I documented it, aren't I a good mommy?

cranky bug

It's funny - with parenting, you figure things out as you go and you even get sort of used to the feeling of not knowing what you're doing. But then you find a way that works (most of the time) and you practice and soon you've got that problem under your belt, and then all of a sudden something new springs up and you're back to feeling like a total newbie. If only there was a manual! (and a 'volume' switch....) 

Lest we forget that this little one can be a happy child too, I'm sticking a photo in of one of our brief forays outdoors in between showers this weekend. See, no tears!! 

raincoat bug