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Grateful for Our First Family Home

Rebecca O'LoughlinComment

Holy's real! We finally closed on a house and we own it!! Our first owned family house. 

After waiting months to be able to even put in an offer, to waiting for M's SSN and green card to physically arrive before we could progress with the mortgage process, it has felt like a very long time in the works. In all reality, it wasn't so bad - and we were very lucky that we could stay with my parents while it all sorted out. These last 4 months would have been very different and lonely if we were staying in an apart-hotel downtown...! 

We signed all of the reams and reams of paperwork on Friday - an hour after we did the final walkthrough (thank God that nothing cropped up in the walkthrough to delay it) and walked away with the keys. A surreal feeling indeed, because then we went home to Bug at my parents' and the following day M had a seminar for 5 hours so we didn't even go to the house that day. On Sunday though we took Bug over in the morning with a few bags - wrapped Christmas presents for family that can be tucked away until the holidays, some clothes and shoes I don't need this week, a few groceries and toiletries - and then my dad and M went back twice in the afternoon with the 20-odd boxes from our freighter shipment that didn't fit into the storage unit (where all the rest of the 150 boxes are) and unloaded them for the movers to handle this week. So we are slowly getting there...!

Bug pretty much ran in circles around the empty house, squealing with delight and singing to herself. She climbed up and down the stairs a good few times, getting excited when she'd see a new room and need to go in and run around it for a minute. She keeps calling each room her room haha. I'm still torn on which room to give her - the smaller one is such a pretty blue-green and the seller left her daughter's curtains and blinds that go with the color scheme. The bigger one would house some of her toys as well as her furniture - plus she'll be the older sibling - but it's a gray color with one wall a big print of the earth from space with a black background. She didn't like that very much when she saw it. We'll change it but I don't know if it's best to stick her in there now so she's used to it being her room, or put her in the green one while we figure out the colors for the bigger one. I know, I know...#firstworldproblems. 

Today I am late posting because I had to be at the house (where we won't have internet for a week) so the carpets upstairs could be re-stretched and I could unpack some of the boxes moved there yesterday. Almost everything I unpacked was Bug's - typical! :) I did a few loads of laundry and a dishwasher run, happy to say that the appliances all work! Tomorrow will be a LONG day, with the movers arriving early in the am to start and they've estimated 8 hours or so to unload the crate, unpack everything, set it all in the right rooms, and then remove the debris. Hopefully they will work quickly and it won't be quite so long, because the furniture is at the back of the pod and all I have to sit on so far is a gliding footstool - which takes some balancing! I'm pretty excited to see all of our stuff again, though, and to see the house with our furniture and belongings in it. And I am SO excited to just own a piece of's been 12 years of renting, so what a change this will be!! 

Today I am incredibly grateful that we have been blessed with this house - it's a well-built house, not much work needs to be done to it (besides aesthetics / personal taste changes with colors etc), the roof was replaced recently, the furnace is in tip-top shape, and the previous owner left it in fantastic condition. I'm feeling incredibly relieved to finally have somewhere to call our own, and to settle Bug into life here, to get to know the neighbors, to become part of a community...and I am feeling so very blessed with the timing. Not only will we be able to start prepping for Microbug and getting all the things we need, setting them up, etc - but we'll also be able to have my siblings over for our Secret Santa exchange at Christmas! :) (Here's hoping that there will be enough seats for everyone!) 

Do you own a home? If so, how long did you rent before you took the plunge? 

And what are you grateful for today?? :) 

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