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Holiday Sparkle: Party Ready!

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I LOVE holiday parties! The glitz, the Christmas lights, the tiny delicious food, the bubbly toasts, and of course the great conversation and laughs with all of the guests...there's just something extra special about parties when they're during the holiday season. I used to have a slew to attend when I lived in NYC, between my own work party, my clients' parties, several hosted by many good friends, and of course, New Year's Eve! Since leaving the city I don't have quite so many to go to each year - which is good, because that was a remarkable number of (different) outfits I'd need to put together each December, and I can't imagine how much we'd have to pay a sitter to watch Bug for that many evenings in just a few short weeks! ;) 

Of course, being a bit of a 'girly-girl' means that one of my favorite things about a holiday party is the dressing up! Any excuse to get all dolled up - especially in a season when it's totally acceptable to wear glitter - is nearly the top of my list when it comes to fun. I was excited to pull this dress out for the Creative Closet prompt this week, because I bought it when I was pregnant for Bug, to wear on New Year's Eve - but we ended up staying in for the night because I was just. so. exhausted. at that point in my pregnancy. So this is its debut - only fitting that it should be a similar time of year! It's perfect for this prompt thanks to the embellishment at the bust. 

Holiday Sparkle || Adventures of Bug and Boo

I have a small number of statement sparkly earrings, specifically for this purpose (party gear), but I chose these purple accented ones because they went so well with the dress, and because my sweet, sweet husband gave them to me last year as a present :) My mom bought me the knot ring from a street vendor in Edinburgh, and the butterfly ring used to be the top half of my navel ring (when it was pierced) which I had made into a ring I could wear on my hand because I had spent too much on it to just never wear it again!

Dress: Motherhood, old. Similar at Asos, option 1 and option 2 | Wrap: Peebles | Pumps: Asos | Jewelry: gifted 

Dress: Motherhood, old. Similar at Asos, option 1 and option 2 | Wrap: Peebles | Pumps: Asos | Jewelry: gifted 

We had another surprise 'heat wave' over the weekend, which is the only reason I am standing outdoors in this dress for these photos - nearly 60 degrees after a week of below freezing! I'm not complaining; I'll take it. And as I went traipsing outdoors in a party outfit, heels ready to sink into the soft newly-thawed wet ground, no coat, dragging M behind me to take pictures, I realized how strange my parents think this is....they just asked, 'are these to show your kids when you're older?'  They don't read my blog (not big interwebbers) so the whole thing is lost on them. They must think I'm so vain, ha!

Is your holiday party outfit ready? What will you wear!? 

It is also time for December awesomeness! Each month Anne reminds us to find the awesome in everyday life - of which there is plenty! Here are 10 awesome things about this month:

  • Holiday dresses & glamour
  • Snuggly slippers for cold toes 
  • Pretty, sparkly things turning up in my first Rocksbox :) 
  • Weddings where I get to reunite with my American crew from London! (Later this month)
  • Mugs of hot cocoa topped with whipped cream & a cheeky drizzle of chocolate syrup 
  • Fairy lights on people's houses 
  • Decorating the Christmas tree (& burning the 'Balsam & Cedar' Yankee Candle if it's a faux tree to fake the smell) 
  • Silent snowfalls 
  • Making ornaments & other crafts with Bug 
  • Baking & decorating cookies (and eating at least one fresh from the oven from each batch...) 

Would any of these be at the top of your awesome list for the month? What am I missing? :) 

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