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Grateful for my Husband

Rebecca O'LoughlinComment

Of course I am grateful for him daily - but I am especially grateful for my husband this week! 

We moved into our new house officially on Saturday morning, saying thank you and goodbye to my parents for the nearly 4 months we crashed at theirs (undoubtedly cramping their style!) - and lugging the last 3 carloads of stuff from theirs to ours. M only arrived home from Canada the night before, and he headed back up there at 5am on Monday morning (!!) and yet he spent ALL DAY Saturday and Sunday unpacking all of the boxes, finding places for most things, breaking down the emptied boxes and storing them in the garage so they weren't being looked at (by me) all week, and even taking us to pick out our Christmas tree, setting it up and lighting it. Seriously - the man is a superhero! I was exhausted just from going up and down the stairs in the house a few times and he was up, down, up, down, lugging boxes, storing things in the basement, and generally setting up everything he could in the house in the 2 days he was there. 

If he wasn't already exhibiting clues that he may in fact be Clark Kent, I've been getting very stressed out about unpacking, getting all of our cards done and out (as they arrived late from the printers, grr!), wrapping presents and shipping things out that need posting, and decorating our house for the holidays...add in our upcoming trip to NYC where I won't get ANY of that stuff done, and that we're entertaining at ours the weekend after Christmas, oh and at some point we really DO need to start preparing for the arrival of this next little one...and you'll have a glimpse of my crazy brain these days. I think moving just before the holidays has been a bit more hectic than I expected. I can only imagine how much more on edge I'd be if my amazing husband wasn't also calming me down and talking me off the ledge (figuratively, folks!) every night when we video chat before bed. I am so thankful that he doesn't brush off my need to have things ticked off the to do list, and that he's willing to dive right in when he lands home after what is, let's face it, a long and tough week away at work. 

So here's to my husband - the most wonderful man in the world to me, and someone I thank God for on a daily basis. He's made my dreams come true, he keeps me sane, and both Bug and I are full of love and admiration for him. My grateful heart is overflowing! 

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