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Warm Clothes, New Boots, and Fantastic Friends!

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I think I'm about to have a case of the's back to reality, after a pretty stellar week! I had so much fun catching up with some friends I've had for a very long time; our days downstate with KC and her hubby and daughter were wonderful, and relaxed, and full of watching the two girls play with glee! And the last two days with my girl Shannon were silly, and hilarious, and M and I even got to have 'couple' time with friends, which hasn't happened in a long time! Now we'll be taking it easy for a few weeks, which might be a good thing. (That was a lot of driving for me in that one week, and M also drove to Canada and back in that time - and is off again tomorrow...) 

I'm thanking Emily today for many months of her Grateful Heart prompt, because once again I am starting this week off on a good note, thinking of all the things that I'm grateful for today: 

  • The kind of friends that you don't see for months, and yet still pick up exactly where you left off and nothing has changed! These are the most amazing kind of friends, and I am blessed to have a number of them in my life! :) 
  • Getting to take M to his very first NFL game ever - and seeing my 1st in the US
  • Dressing warmly enough (just barely) to not freeze my tooshie off at said game 
  • New shoes!! (I finally got sick of wearing the same 3 pair for the last 3 months and ordered some - and the winter fuzzy boots arrived just in time for the football game!!) 
  • Parents willing to watch a mischievous little girl overnight so her Mom & Dad could get out and enjoy a weekend together (even when it meant Nana was up at 4am on Sunday...)
  • Living somewhere that makes it possible for me to stop along a road trip with Bug and visit with my grandparents and my aunt over lunch

So many things to be grateful for about you?! Are you starting the week off with a case of the Mondays...? I don't blame you if you are - but I highly recommend a quick pulse on what you could be thankful for instead! :) 

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