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Superbowl Saturday & Sunday!!!

Rebecca O'LoughlinComment

Yes, yes - I know. It's not actually anywhere near time for the Superbowl (I haven't been abroad for that long!!). But it is our weekend of the NFL, baby! M and I are heading out to Buffalo this weekend to visit one of my great friends from uni, catch up and sightsee, and on Sunday hit up a football first one in the US, and M's first one EVER. How exciting is that?! 

We tend to have a lot of activity going on at once, or none at all. For someone who is completely compulsive about planning ahead and being prepared and organized, I can't always control when things are going on - but I'm learning to let that go (ish). So while Bug and I are just back from our week downstate visiting my bestie (and Bug's future bestie!) M and I are still taking a mini weekend to ourselves, with friends. Pushing that guilt aside, it will be so fun! I hardly know what to pack to wear for the November....and it snowed here yesterday. So I'm thinking 8 pairs of long underwear, and a giant puffy coat. Ha! 

Speaking of our week away, Bug and I had so much fun. It was remarkable being back at KC's, when the last time I was there I was surprising her for her baby shower. She was getting nearer to her due date, but it was still just her and her husband. Her darling girl L hadn't arrived yet, so to see her in her element as a mama for the first time, well, that was pretty special. And seeing Bug and L playing together, Bug following L from room to room and all around the yard, sitting right next to her and staring up at her - both of them hugging the other. I mean, the coldest heart would have melted watching these two girls together! I'm delighted at how good they were, and at how wonderful it was to catch up with my friend. (Things have certainly changed from our Saturday club nights in NYC back in the day, eh KC??) :-p  I can't wait for the next time we can get together! M would have loved to join us but alas, work calls, so perhaps he will join on the next trip.  

And M and I are excited for this upcoming weekend too! The only NFL game I've been to before was in October 2009, at Wembley Stadium in London. It was the Patriots, who are awesome, playing the Buccaneers (whom I didn't even remember were there until I looked at my photos, because they were slaughtered so badly by the Pats. Sorry if you're a's true though.) I went with clients from work so we were in one of our corporate boxes - aka private space filled with sofas and comfortable arm chairs, airline-style seats in the stadium rows in front of it (also blocked off/private), personal waiter, free fine wines and any food you could think of. Probably NOT the typical NFL experience. ;) It was fun, but I definitely thought seeing a game in the States where American football can be like a religion would be much better. The atmosphere at Wembley was fun and festive, but I've seen "Friday Night Lights" and "Any Given Sunday" - I'm expecting a lot from Sunday's game, including a heavily charged atmosphere, exuberant fans who know what they're watching, and lots of shouting at the field! 

GO BILLS!!!! ;)

What are you up to this weekend?