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Ruffles & Volume & 10 Awesome Things!

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Ruffles and me that combination of words evokes images of southern belles, prom queens, 80s skirts and big hair...haha! None of that typically describes me, but the Creative Closet with Jana and Maegan is meant to get those creative juices flowing when we consider our wardrobe and so, I did some digging and finally found something that fit the prompt!

It was pretty slim pickings because, let's be honest, when you're pregnant adding 'volume' to your look is the last thing you want to do and so I've mostly steered away from that. However, I did have this top in my wardrobe - this is one of the 'fancy' maternity tops that I bought during my last pregnancy, for a date night with M, if I remember correctly - and this skirt with a little flared hem that I used to wear to work. (Ah back in the day...!) The top has a sheer overlay across the middle of the front, ending in ruffled bits at the collar. I ended up liking the look more than I thought, so I wore it to my niece and nephew's baptism over the weekend! (I only wish I had my shoes out of hindsight, that is definitely the part of my wardrobe that I miss the most. Wearing the same 3 pairs of shoes for the last 2 months is wearing a bit thin...!)

Are you a ruffles person? :)

Top: Mamas and Papas, old (similar) | Skirt: Motherhood, old (similar) | Shoes: Asos, old (similar) | Scarf: gift | Coat: | Necklace: JustFab | Watch: gift 

Top: Mamas and Papas, old (similar) | Skirt: Motherhood, old (similar) | Shoes: Asos, old (similar) | Scarf: gift | Coat: | Necklace: JustFab | Watch: gift 

It is *also* time for another AWESOME session with Anne! This linkup reminds us of how much awesome there is in the world around us. (As it is easily one of the words I say the most, it's pretty much the one that was created for me.) These are 10 awesome things I'm loving this month: 

  • MASSAGES. Need I say more? 
  • Pedicures 
  • The first snowfall of the year
  • Halloween candy 
  • Tailgating at a real live NFL match (this is coming up, but I already know it's going to be awesome!!) 
  • Chili, stew, and other crockpot marvels - especially in the wintertime  
  • Phone calls and visits with friends you haven't seen in months
  • Scheduling blog posts in advance so I can enjoy my few days visiting my friend! (Yes, I'm late to the party with this one but I am now a convert and a new woman!)
  • The scent of a woodburning stove in the air 
  • Bug knowing her colors, shapes, animals, people, foods, and starting to put together 3 words at a grown up is she?! 

Are you surrounded by awesomeness this month? I certainly hope so!! 

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