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Monday, Monday, how quickly you return...! 

What did everyone get up to this weekend? I had a pretty good one. :) On Saturday we had a day of miserable teething by Bug, but in between the crying jags we had lots of fun playing games and goofing around with M. She was so delighted to spend the weekend with him; she was glued to his side the whole time, and he wasn't complaining one bit. We also got to meet up with a lovely photographer to take our first set of family photos since Bug was 2 months old...! Crazy that it has taken us this long to set them up, but I'm excited to see how they turned out. It's nice to get a pulse of where we are at this moment in time, with Bug growing so fast, and Microbug bumping out nearly as fast - the next family photos we take, there will be 4 of us! Isn't that wild...

Then yesterday after trying a new church we popped out for lunch, just the two of us, while Bug was napping. We didn't go anywhere far away or fancy, but just being out together, talking and listening to each other, laughing together, was so needed. I don't think I knew quite how much until we were sat there, waiting for our food, catching up properly on the last few weeks and I realized what a treat it was. I have to thank my mom for pushing us out the door - I'm so wary of taking advantage of living here with them (on the babysitter side of things) that I think I lean a little too far in the other direction, so we should probably remedy that going forward. Seeing as (hopefully!) in the next 3-4 weeks, we should be moving into our own place...! Fingers are crossed that this week we get our closing date...

M is off this morning, bright and early, to return at the end of the week. It looks like this will be his travel schedule for a while now, so we're just going to have to squeeze in loads of quality time with him on the weekends. Thankfully still living at my parents' house means I've got company and help when needed, which is wonderful! And we don't have any personal travel planned until our mid December NYC trip for our friends' wedding - just family time, Thanksgiving celebrations, and the like until then. :) 

Things I am feeling particularly thankful for this week: 

  • Bug's last baby tooth is FINALLY coming through. Months of on-and-off teething is soon to be over...! (Until the 2 year molars start....but I'm not going to think of that right now.) 
  • Sorting out our benefits for next year - and finally understanding the ins and outs of them. I know I ought to get all of this stuff, but between not living here for a number of years, all of the recent benefits changes, and me no longer providing only for myself on this matter, I was lost. 
  • Another evening of hair fun with my sister - I met her at the salon on Thursday night and she colored and cut my hair. I always love getting my hair worked on, and getting to go out 
  • My parents unobtrusively 'stepping up' when M is traveling - they don't make it obvious, but I know they try to be around more for Bug and I when he's gone. (Like my mom helping me give Bug a bath at bedtime without being asked, because she knows it's getting harder to bend over the bathtub sides and lift her in/out of the water.) It's sweet, and so helpful.
  • That my hip pain hasn't come back to the level it was at. I'm still having moments but it's nowhere near as excruciating as it was during the week of travel. 
  • Beginning my Christmas shopping yesterday - I only crossed one person off my list, but at least it's a start! 
  • Getting the chance to have a couple of hours of 1 on 1 time with M yesterday before he leaves for the week. :)

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