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The Holidays Are Coming & Blogger Love!

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It's Friday!! We've made it through another week, guys. Like my friend Anne, I'm giving myself a pat on the back for that this week. Sometimes they just take a bit more work than others... On the good news front, I have a visit to the doc today to listen to baby's heartbeat once again. I absolutely must remember to get a note from her allowing me to fly to NYC next month...some airlines are funny about letting you on once you look visibly heavily pregnant. I haven't been made to do the glucose test yet, so I don't know if that's coming tomorrow, but I guess we'll find out! I also made major progress the last couple of days on our buying a home to do list, and several other things on our insurance / benefits list have been crossed out or completed too. Whew. I'm feeling rather accomplished - and tired. But in a few weeks (hopefully!) we will be in our own place and I'll be tossing a whole bunch of these to do lists out!! 

One thing I got to do this week that I didn't get to do last week was read more blogs! Last week was full of travel so I had far less days to do the things I normally do. So I was pleased as punch to get a chance to take a few hours this week and read up on some of my favorite blogs - and check out a few new ones! That is the beauty of joining linkups - there are always participants in linkups whom you haven't come across yet, and sometimes you are delighted with what you find. :) 

Here are five posts that I enjoyed this week: 

1) Holiday Detox Green Apple Smoothie - by Lindsey at Pinch of Yum. I find myself pinning recipes at PoY often, and this is no exception. I also find myself wanting something marginally healthy during the holiday season, being stuffed full as it is with rich, heavy, dishes and sweets. And this sounds like it holds all the necessities for me to try it: easy to do, healthy ingredients, deliciousness! :) 

In keeping with the holiday season theme, check out two gift guides with great ideas: 

2) 2014 Gift Guide: BFF - by Kerri at Hey Kerri! Blog. Kerri nails this - she puts together a wishlist to use to shop for your BFFs this holiday season and I. LOVE. EVERYTHING. A fantastic idea generator - or straight up steal some of these ideas, people - try to think of someone who *wouldn't* love that scarf!

3) Meaningful Gifts for the Holidays - by Audrey at Putting Me Together. Audrey has a great fashion blog, whose tips for pairing things like patterns and bold colors together are helpful and creative. She shares some great DIY, personalised, and generally crafty ideas for holiday gifts! I definitely had a few ideas spark from this. ;)

And on a more serious note...

4) Side Effects of Moving to a New Country - by Shane at Whispering Sweetly. Shane uprooted and moved to Australia. These are some of her completely on point learnings that she's sharing based on that experience of becoming an expat. I agree with each and every one, having had that experience six years ago. (And once again, I'll say it - many of these apply to repatriation and reverse culture shock upon returning to your old country too, especially #s 3 and 9.)

5) At Any Given Moment - by Liz at Simply Complex Mom. I haven't come across Liz's blog before, but I'm glad I did. This post is apt for the week where we celebrated Veterans' Day, and it made me think longer and harder about what those who serve in our armed forces give/gave up to do so. 

What posts did you read and love this week? And what are your weekend plans? :) 

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