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A Halloween Memory + a Giveaway!!

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There are all these little tidbits of Halloween that I remember from growing up: my mom putting the finishing touches on my Raggedy Anne makeup (creating freckles with eyeliner) // trying to find the biggest pillowcase in the house for collecting the maximum amount of candy ;) // going to friend's houses for movie nights when we got too old (or too 'cool') for trick or treating. :) But the one Halloween that sticks in my mind was when I was in middle school...I can't remember what year it was exactly, but all of the kids my age in the neighborhood met up to trick or treat together. It was cold that night, and as we were making the loop around our big circle cul-de-sac it started to snow! We were determined to finish the whole loop though so we kept trekking on, stopping at each and every house. And before I knew it, we were nearly unable to see each other the snow was coming down so fast and furious!! The road was buried, a lot of kids turned back, we had inches of snow on our clothing, but one or two others decided to power through with me to the end of the road. A little later when we could no longer see the road, we were realizing our pretty big mistake when I saw headlights and heard a honk - my dad had come looking for us in his truck to bring us home safely!

This was a brilliant memory of Halloween for me because not only were we 'rescued' from the cold and the snow, but also since we were the only diehards out in the snow for that last hour, we got crazy good amounts of candy - I still had some in March!! #SCORE =D What's your favorite Halloween memory?


And now for a She Reads Truth giveaway...! :) 

Have you ever heard of the awesome site called She Reads Truth? Well, it's more than just a site. It's also a smart phone app. And a community. Basically it's a great devotional site curated by a wonderful group of women who share their hearts often and make it exciting to dive into the Word of God!
The app even includes phone wallpapers - here's one of my favorites:
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