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A Letter to Myself 10 Years On...

Rebecca O'LoughlinComment

Dear Rebecca, 

Welcome to your 40's!! {<--???!!!} I hope the transition wasn't too traumatic. By this time I think you must have figured out your life goals...what are they?! Have you enjoyed the last ten years? 

Let me remind you where you were 10 years ago: it was 4+ years after meeting M, and in that time you married him, had Bug, and were pregnant for the 2nd time. You all had just left London and moved back to your hometown for the first time since you were 20, and were embarking on your new life together there. You hadn't returned to work after your maternity leave ended, and you were still sorting through what that meant to you and your future career. You were just about to buy your first Team O'Loughlin family home together...! Does that bring you back? :) 

So let's see...10 years on...M and you are married for 12 years now, well done getting over that "7 Year Itch!" ;) I'm hoping that you're still traveling whenever you get the chance together - even if you never returned to work at least tell me you're piggybacking off of his work trips and exploring while he's at the office! Your marriage must be in a wonderful place, having had so much time to grow together and fine tune your relationship. :) 

Bug must be nearly 13....yikes. Please tell me that you're managing to keep close to her during this transition time. Teen years are tough on a girl (we should know!) and I so hope that you're listening to what she's saying and truly being there for her. I hope that she feels she can fully trust you and will tell you everything. And I don't even know what microbug is yet so I can't even imagine what he or she will be like in 10 years. Hopefully the two of them are close. (And of course, if there are any others, I hope that they are all close!) I hope that you are still close with both families as well, and spending time with them both as frequently as you can. It must be a remarkable thing to see all of the cousins together after all these years! 

Have you stayed in your hometown? Did you end up moving to Toronto, or back to NYC at any point? How did the home purchase go?? If you stayed in upstate NY, are you still in the same house? How are the kids doing with school? Did you end up sending them to public school? (Please tell me that the Common Core has died a tragic death by now!) I hope that you are still going to church together as a family and that you've found a real 'community' sense wherever you are. Have you thought about going back to work, now that the kids are well and truly entrenched in school life? If you did go back, what did you decide to do? Back to financial services? Did you try something new? I hope you are filled with satisfaction and contentment with whatever you are doing!! If you are still taking care of things at home, have you found somewhere to volunteer some of your time? I know that is always close to our heart and you would get such fulfillment from it when you have a little more time on your hands. 

I would LOVE to have this letter opened by a published author...has it happened?? Did you find the courage to just write that darn novel yet?! And don't you dare tell me there wasn't any time. If you want to do it badly enough you would make the time. 

I have so many hopes and dreams for you, missus. For US! For you and M. For all of us as a family. We can handle anything that comes our way. And I know that there are lots of good things to come - don't let me down!! ;) 


Moi *                                              


My Wednesday Wishes today are all for the future...that we only get as much 'bad' as we can handle, that we get plenty of good headed our way as well, and that the next ten years are spent making a whole lot of happiness together!! 

What are your wishes for the future? Can you see yourself clearly in ten years, where you'll be, what you'll be doing? x

Love the Here and Now

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