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A Fall Bucket List to Top Them All!

Rebecca O'LoughlinComment

Bold statement, I know! There have been quite a few Fall bucket lists floating around the blogosphere - I've enjoyed reading a lot of them - and I do love a good list (and planner, organization is my addiction!!), so as this is the theme for Blogtober14 day 5 I thought when better a time to put everything I want to do down on paper. Now, this is a serious bucket list. As this is my very first autumn season back in the US of A, and in New England, I have so many things in mind that are the epitome of Fall to me. PLUS this is the season where we are hoping to get our move finally sorted out and settle into life here, thus: 

My Autumn Bucket List

  1. Visit a pumpkin patch with M and Bug
  2. Go through a cornfield maze
  3. Pick apples at an orchard
  4. Make apple crisp with said apples
  5. Find my tan leather boots somewhere in our storage unit stuffed full of boxes so I can wear them while my feet still fit into them!
  6. Carve a pumpkin with M and Bug :)
  7. Go on a hay ride (preferably not haunted)
  8. Take Bug on a tractor ride
  9. Add to my already-robust scarf collection.
  10. Indulge in crisp, tart apples with that caramel dip I love..
  11. Vanilla chai lattes
  12. Autumnal-scented candles
  13. Wear costumes this Halloween? (No trick or treating out where we are staying in the countryside, the houses are too far apart, so this is a maybe)
  14. Take Bug to the Halloween event at the local children's museum
  15. Rake a small pile of leaves and jump in them with Bug
  16. An open air date night with M - bonfire, staring at the stars, cuddling against the chilly air, and spiced apple cider
  17. Leaf crafts with the kiddos
  18. Restock my makeup and perfume collections (all liquids had to be given away or thrown out when I moved, customs is strict on this side of the pond)
  19. Do a paint & wine night
  20. Go to my first inside-the-USA NFL game! (And M's 1st ever!)
  21. Drink apple cider and eat cider doughnuts
  22. Take a stroll down a country lane with M when the leaves are changing and enjoy the crisp clean air and the foliage

That last one's a big one. Sort of the Everest in my mind really. I so want to be situated so that by the time Christmas is here we are actually living in our own space, with all of our furniture and household items unpacked and moved in, and we can start putting together what we need to do in the new room for Microbug. As someone who loves lists, packs days before traveling, and plans out itineraries with diligence, not being able to sort this all out is driving me a little batty! So, this morning, as you drink your coffee and enjoy the start of a lovely Sunday, think of us as we view houses and send some happy thoughts in our direction, that we can cross this giant number 19 off our list and then go on and enjoy all the rest of the bucket list without stress! 

Helene in Between Blogtober