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Favorites of the Week

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This has been a trying few days. With my parents away the whole week, and M away for a couple days, and Bug not sleeping very much, I've been exhausted. Dragging, is more accurate. Can fatigue snowball...? But I don't want to be a complainer, so I'm going to focus on the positives - my favorite things of the week: 

- Going to the Museum of Play with my sister, sister-in-law, and Bug's three youngest cousins yesterday! It was so much fun to watch the little ones play together (except for the baby, of course, who was passed around from mama to mama, ha) and so nice that we're able to do these kinds of things together on a whim now that I'm living here too. :) 

- Watching Bug run to my parents this afternoon when they returned from their week away. I wish I caught it on camera - her little legs were going so fast, and she almost leapt off the stairs to say hello to them! 

- Getting new boots and a new necklace delivered, and finding a scarf I thought I misplaced - jackpot!  

- It's FRIDAY. Enough said!

And because it is Friday Favorites, today is my favorite Blogger Lovefest with Meagan at All the Joys! :) My favorite posts of the week - go check them out! 

  • Am I Doing This Right? by Meagan at All the Joys. I loved this post. This is a question every parent asks themselves - constantly - and it can be so easy to second guess everything when you're raising a child. This was a wonderful reminder that we shouldn't beat ourselves up about every little thing, so long as our kids are happy and loved. 
  • How to Blog Productively by Jana at Life Could Be a Dream. Such helpful pointers in this post! As someone who can easily waste time by getting distracted by any number of things, I found myself having a few 'aha' moments reading through this one. 
  • Guilty Pleasures by Anne at Love the Here and Now. I might as well call this MY guilty pleasures, because Anne's list is right on the mark for me as well! I don't know *why* I can't help but buy all the planners, but I do. And don't get me started on office supplies...! 

Speaking of planners, I am looking at mine and realizing that I've got a pretty crazy few weeks coming up. Isn't that the way of plans and weddings? All at once, or none at all? I am not complaining though - on the contrary, I am excited about all the fun things coming up! Starting with this weekend: tomorrow I am getting to take a few hours to myself (again!!) and will be enjoying the morning out and about, getting a mani/pedi, and enjoying the 'me' time; and on Sunday our nephew and niece will be christened and M and I are standing as little Lilly's godparents, which is such an honor. It will be a great family day since we'll all be there - maybe for once we'll even get photos!! 

Have you any special plans this weekend? :) 

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