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I so love Saturdays....even though I'm not working (as such) anymore, Saturday and Sunday are still distinct days from the rest of the workweek, and I continue to look forward to them just as much as before. (Yes, a lot of that is because M is generally home all day with us!) They used to be the days of sleeping in, lazy brunches in town, and a wander through shops or markets or even just a day in, watching movies on the couch. Obviously things change a bit when you're no longer in charge of your own sleep and wake times but we are still using our weekends the best way we can! M comes home today after an intense week away for work. We are all looking forward to seeing him and will no doubt keep it low key so we can catch up. But on Sunday we will be looking at houses after our little hiatus because........drum roll.......M finally has an SSN!!! Miracle of miracles, it only took 5x as long as it ought to have. But who cares, because it's here - and the house we thought we would offer on is still free, and so is another one that I really love the looks of, so we're going to see them tomorrow morning and try and make a decision....! EEK! Home owning just may be in our foreseeable future.....please feel free to cross your fingers, say a prayer, and think happy thoughts for us!! 

Today's Blogtober prompt is about your favorite photo (that you posted) on Instagram. I liked a good few of them, and I've only been using IG for a few months, but I finally narrowed it down to one: this one of Bug playing in the pool

I love this photo!! I ended up picking it for two reasons. Firstly, the photo is one of the best ones that I've taken (in my opinion): the colors are vibrant, the texture of her hat is clear, and the movement of the water as it splashes up out of the pool looks pretty darn good for an iPhone photo! Secondly, I smile looking at this because the entire afternoon that is represented by this photo was a display of pure unadulterated joy. :) Bug kicked her legs for ages to make the water fly out like that, laughing and squealing, stopping only to splash water up at me with her hands! It was a HOT summer for London, and we probably spent an entire month in this little splash pool to cool off. As hot as it was, being outside in the fresh air for so many days on end was really good for us - and it was lovely to not have to worry about what to keep busy with indoors. 

I also look at this with a tad of nostalgia. It's only been 4 months and yet she's grown and changed so much in that short while....I find it hard to keep track of all that she's learned in the 6 weeks we've been back in the US. We've moved out of that house, across the ocean, and in with my parents since then. The days that Bug and I spent together at that old house in England might have been grey and overcast more often than not, but they were beautiful one-on-one times for us. Living with my parents has been so helpful while we nailed down neighborhoods, looked at houses, and are about to embark on the actual purchasing process (!!!) but at the same time, I sort of miss being the apple of my daughter's eye. I melt at how much she adores her grandparents, and it's invaluable for Bug to be building such a close knit relationship with her Nana and Papa right now. But I do wince just a tiny bit every time that she runs into Nana's arms instead of mine when she wants something or just needs a cuddle. I get it - I am most definitely lacking energy these days, and pregnancy is certainly slowing me down, AND she has only spent cumulatively a month(ish) with her grandparents in the first 19 months of her life. I just long ever so slightly for the days where I was the only person she was running and clinging to when she needed a hug.

I imagine this is all a normal phase of motherhood. Moms start out as the center of the universe to their children - Mom is the sun and life revolves around her. But this changes faster than you'd ever think it would. At some point you could be swapped out for Dad, or a favorite aunt, uncle, grandparent, then eventually their friends, and ultimately their spouse. I doubt that it's ever easy, and I'm sure each time it happens it stings just as much as the first time. But I'm going to hope that I can always cameo occasionally for the current 'sun' in the center of Bug's orbit.

And considering how my mom has been the center of the universe in my life before, I understand the draw completely. There are much worse things than being Nana's special girl. ;) 

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