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The lovely Amy over at Set Free asked me to participate in the Tour Through Blogland, and I was more than happy to join in! Amy's blog is somewhere I look forward to spending time. Her genuine spirituality and faith is such a draw, and an inspiration. She's expecting a new babe soon, has the most adorable little girl Claire (who falls asleep on the drive home from school every day, cutie pie), and lives in what seems to be the perfect climate in Cali. She's got such a dear heart and I am so excited to meet her (& Judy!) next year! :) Thanks Amy for tagging me into the Tour! 

What am I working on? Something that I'm sort of working on, is getting some additional functionality added to my site, plus a fresh new look! (I say 'sort of' because whilst I'm not actually doing any of the work, I did reach out and find someone awesome who would be able to do everything I wanted - if you haven't yet, check out Madison at Wetherills Say I Do. Fabulous work and such a sweet blogger as well!) I can't wait to unveil what she's been creating for me...stay tuned. ;) 

What I myself have been working on, is not quite as much as I'd hoped. I don't know why I thought I'd be more caught up / preplanning / ahead of the game at this point but moving overseas has thrown a kink into all of my grandiose plans for this blog, for life, for me personally. Needless to say, I don't find nearly as much time to write as I'd have hoped at this point. That being said, I do have a whole slew of posts I'm currently working on, such as advice/my learnings from moving overseas with a toddler, how to live with your parents in your 30s (because I know you all want to!), and the differences between pregnancy in the US and the UK. 

How does my work differ from others in its genre? I think the biggest difference between my writing and others is my unique perspective. Thankfully, we are all our own person and we each have our own take on situations, our own experiences that we draw upon, the histories that helped to shape us, and our unique personalities that affect what we do and how we do it. Some of the things that make my work different (I hope!) are my experiences living in NYC and London for the last 12 years, having a child abroad, and my recent return to the general vicinity of my hometown with my husband and daughter to create a whole new life together. 

Why do I write / create what I do? I started the first blog with my daughter (the photo blog of her first year) specifically to keep family and friends aware of what was going on with our lives and her development. We lived far away from most people; my family in the US, M's family in Ireland, many friends in those countries and elsewhere. And then I started Bug & Boo because photos just weren't telling the story anymore, once she started walking and talking, and we started doing more as a family - and thinking about moving overseas. There was so much to talk about it seemed easiest to put it in one place. And selfishly, I love to write and had missed it terribly in the last several years when I didn't make the time to do it. I've said it before; I find it easier to express myself in written form rather than verbally, and it is such a cathartic exercise, I always feel better in myself after I've 'written my feelings out' of my head. 

How does your writing / creative process work? To be honest, it's a bit of a mixed bag. Sometimes I have my act together and plan posts out a few days or even a week in advance, and I spend that week adding bits to what I've written, editing, changing my mind on certain points, and putting together a final draft that I'm well pleased with. Other times, I sit down in the day and just write what's on my mind and my heart and post it right there and then. I don't have a set schedule for writing, although my goal for the rest of the year is to get up *before* my little one, and have some time to myself for that short window before she's raring to go in the daytime. 

Next stop on the Blog Tour:

Melissa at The Rambling Llama and I are 'blogging soul mates' ;) We were paired together a while back (along with Meagan @ All the Joys!) because we had similar interests. Melissa has two darling and funny children, Zander and Ainsley (they have the best grins!), and shares her experiences with them and her husband, and making life work as a working mom. Her posts often make me laugh - especially rhymes with her son! 

I've gotten to know Sarah at 12 Twenty Seven in the last few months and I'm so glad because I really enjoy her blog! She is incredibly focused on understanding what God is saying to her in her life (check out her post on why she chose 12 Twenty Seven as the name), and uses her blog to contemplate that. She also shares a lot of great outfit ideas, which are prompting me to think about new outfits myself! :) 

Bonnie at Strong+Sweet is a new mama! She and her husband Luke had their sweet little girl, Bekah Lynn a few months ago (I can't help but think that was meant to be, us being friends, because those are also my first names!), and I've loved watching her bloom in her newfound role of mom. Her joy at becoming a mother (and at being a wife!) emanates from every word she writes on Strong + Sweet! She's a true sweetheart and I love seeing what she and her (now grown) family are up to!


I'm so grateful to have gotten to know these fantastic women in the short time since I started my blog! When I began, I had no idea that I'd find such an amazing community of encouragers and supporters - between these 4 ladies, and the multitude of others I've 'met' along the way, I'm blessed with real, sweet, friendships that I never would have made otherwise! I am so thankful to them all for their friendship, support, and laughter!! 

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