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Blogger Loves Friday!

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Seriously though, what blogger *doesn't* love Friday?? Or anyone else for that matter! Today didn't start out great - for Bug, not for me - I spent the morning holding her still while she wailed and tried to tell me she was "All done! All done!" with her shots...poor kiddo. Another 3 to 'catch her up' to US requirements. Hopefully she's done now for a while. She knows exactly what those needles are on the tray and tried so hard to curl her little body into me and hide, tears already streaming down her face. :( Melts a mama's heart. But she's back to herself now - albeit stopping every now and again and wincing, then touching her thigh and saying "boo boo!" in a pained voice. (I think she likes the numerous kisses I bestow upon her when she does this!)

I am pretty chuffed for the weekend though, because at the request of my husband, I am going for a massage tomorrow afternoon, and a date with myself doing whatever! Shoe shopping, sitting at a cafe and drinking an actual coffee, reading a book, sleeping at the wheel of my car (ha, let's hope not!), whatever I fancy doing tomorrow afternoon, I get to do. On my own. Without a diaper bag! Amazing. He's taking Bug for daddy/daughter time tomorrow and telling me to run wild. Isn't he the best?? I rarely take time for myself, and I have no idea what I'm going to do yet, but since I'm being told that I must, I'm following orders. ;) 

Now, onto the loves of the week! I love finding new blogs that other bloggers have shared as their faves for the week. :) And I also love that in joining Meagan each week to share the #bloggerlove really makes me think about what I enjoy reading, what I connect with, why I read specific blogs that I do. These are a few posts that I loved this week: 

  • "How I Make Myself Happy" - by Ash at The Grits Blog. This made me smile! Ash shares her list of things she thinks about & does whenever she needs to get herself out of a funk. One of my favorites (and one to remember for next mood 'funk') is to plan your next trip to do activities that *you* really love to do! (Like massages?) 
  • "The Story Behind the Tattoo: Believe" - by Cassie at Sage the Blog. As I have two myself, I'm fascinated by the stories behind other people's tattoos and why they got the ones they did. This is a beautiful and poetic post about Cassie's first (legal) tattoo and what it meant to her then - and what it means to her now. 
  • "The Face of Loss" - by Casey at Casey Leigh. Casey is a remarkable writer. This is a topic very personal, very hard for some to talk about, and she bares her heart and soul in a very natural way. The beautiful way that she expresses herself about her rainbow baby girl, and how God supports in a time of loss such as this - the way she explains something that many cannot understand, or find the words to convey comfort or support - I can't even do it justice in an introduction. I just know I had to share it.

What posts did you enjoy this week? Share via the link below! 

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