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Tomorrow is the 2 month anniversary of our move to the USA!!!! TWO MONTHS - whoa. In some ways that doesn't seem real, because 2 months is a long time and it's gone by so quickly. In other ways, that sounds exactly right, because so many things I thought we'd have sorted out by now are still in progress. And yet, life is slowly settling into place for us. Here is the state of the union for us, 2 months in: 

We are still living with my parents. Nobody's killed anyone else (or even threatened) and everyone is still on speaking terms. ;) To be honest, it's really nice to be here with them. I missed them so much when I was living abroad. I know my parents would love to have their own space back, but at the same time they keep telling us they enjoy the company too. And they're overjoyed at all the time they get to spend with Bug now, after seeing her only twice in nearly 18 months! Bug is delighted too - she is her Nana's shadow now, and has so much fun playing on their huge property. Not to mention her love - and complete lack of fear - for the horses! There is an end in sight, as we're working towards a close date in early December on the house we are trying to buy...that's still six weeks away but I think we can all handle it. 

We have finally gotten correct health insurance cards. I'll say this was one of the bigger pains in the process - getting back into a paid healthcare system. We seem to have hit every snag along the way with our insurance provider too, which meant we received 5 (FIVE!) incorrect insurance cards in the last two months and found out they'd deactivated us, etc. Frustration city, but at least it's sorted out now. Touch wood. 

We are halfway there with doctors. Bug has a pediatrician - who is lovely! - and after Friday is all caught up on her US jabs. She won't need another visit then until her 2 year checkup. And I have a great OBGYN managing my pregnancy, so we also know which hospital I'll deliver Microbug in. (On a side note - it is very strange to go through a pregnancy here after one in the UK...I will write more about that in a later post!) We are having trouble getting set up with a GP here because they need our records, and our GP in the UK isn't interested in sending them...that's a big pain. But hopefully we'll sort it out soon. I also still need to find an eye doctor and dentist and get those visits out of the way in the next month, so I don't have to worry about it until after the new baby arrives. 

We also now have US cell phones (no unlimited data??? Bring back Virgin Mobile!!!), we have two cars and a car seat for Bug (I miss our Britax rotating one so much...trying to squeeze a child over the side of a car seat to sit them in it, what a pain!), we are in the process with a mortgage broker, we put an offer in on a house, I just joined a local mom's group and we have a few playdates coming up, and I even have a few new maternity outfits. ;) Slowly but surely, we are putting down roots and finding our feet. 

My Wednesday Wishes today are simply that we continue to make progress on this house buying situation, that we have good news soon from our mortgage broker, and that we make the most of the time we have left living with my parents...before I have to explain to Bug every morning when she goes looking for Nana and Papa that they don't live with us...! 

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