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The Great Thing About Friday Is..

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..that M comes home tomorrow!! Hooray! We've both missed him a ton and are looking forward to seeing him IRL again. :) 2 more sleeps.... 

Fridays are the roundup of the blog posts that particularly enjoyed during the week - a linkup I really look forward to because I like to share the things that I found funny, touching, heartfelt, educational. There are always so many great things to highlight, which makes my job pretty tough. This week was no exception! Here are some fantastic reads to go check out: 

Kenji Is Here

Being Single: by Kendra at Kenji is Here. I love Kendra and her blog! She often makes me laugh and just as often makes me nod my head in agreement and solidarity. This is a guest post that she wrote for A Deeper Joy about the most important things she's learned about being single. I wish I had come across it when I was single as I think it's a fantastic reminder to enjoy being single when you are, and not to lament it or try and rush through it. There is a lot to enjoy and to learn about yourself when not in a relationship! #girlpower 

Ember Grey

Conversations: by Emily at Ember Grey. I've been drawn to Emily's blog since I first came across it - not only is she a wonderful writer but she's also pretty darn sweet and funny too! This post is one of absolute truthfulness and transparency (traits that I've come to recognize as core to Emily's writing) - it's a beautiful sharing of a very special conversation with someone truly important. 

Joyful Life

Why I Don't Want My Girls to Be Beautiful: by Hannah at Joyful Life. Hannah's perspective on the things we say without thinking to our daughters, and what we want them to grow up thinking about the nature of being a woman, clicked with me. How do we succeed in instilling an identity in little girls that isn't tied to the off-the-cuff remarks about looks that are so second nature these days..? 

The Random Writings

10 Unusual Blog Post Ideas: by Rachel at The Random Writings...of Rachel. I've seen a lot of good prompts for blog post ideas, but this one takes the cake! Rachel comes up with some off-the-wall, creative, quirky and AMAZING ideas for what to write about - I laughed pretty hard at just the concept of some of these. And now I totally want to use them!!! 

And lastly but not least:

Annotated London: A Walk Around Crouch End. by Lix at A Classic Notion. I happened across Lix's blog this week! Not only are her photographs gorgeous, but they're also of a neighborhood in North London. I was already missing London but these beautiful images made me yearn to go back today! 

Did you come across any of these already? If not, I highly recommend checking them out! (And if you did then you have excellent taste) ;) 

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