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Fabulous Friday + Blogger Love!

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Despite my horrid lack of sleep last night and Bug's downright miserable mood today (her top two eye teeth are still cutting through..), it's actually shaped up to be a pretty decent day. It feels as though all of the things I've been waiting on to arrive have turned up today - the Vance Joy CD, my first Ipsy bag (can't wait to test out the samples!), my awesome planner (I seriously have to thank Anne for pointing me towards Plum Paper Designs!), and last but not least, my new phone! I'm currently staring at my poor little obsolete iPhone 4 sitting next to this seemingly huge, completely unknown Samsung device....I wonder how long it will take me to figure this thing out. I've been an Apple girl for soooo long - and I still will use my Macbook because I think we become very tethered to our laptops, they contain our lives after all - but I decided to test out this Android thing finally... Wish me luck! 

Another great thing about Fridays is Meagan's BLOGGER LOVE linkup! These are a few gems that I really enjoyed reading this week: 

  • "A Grateful Heart" by Emily at EmberGrey. Emily's parents had their 32nd anniversary and she talks about just how awesome they really are. I completely understood her sharing about that moment when she realized that her parents were actual (and cool!) people, and not just her parents. :) 
  • "I Have No Desire to Be Perfect" by Kate at The Florkens. At times I can find myself feeling 'less than' when reading other blogs. I don't have professional photos for my posts, I don't have a perfect house, I don't have perfectly behaved / great sleeping children, and I don't know how to perfectly DIY anything at all. Kate's post was a perfect (ahem) reminder of how you don't need to have the perfect life to be happy! 
  • "Revolutionaries" by Tawni Marie at God, Me, & the Life In Between. Tawni Marie is a dreamer! Her post is about how we can have many dreams/callings for ourselves at any given time, and how just because we are in our current calling, doesn't mean we will be fully satisfied - because there is always more to do. I found myself invigorated by her statements: "Your purpose is much greater than you’ve ever imagined. And you can impact the world." (PS - I came across Tawni Marie through the community she mentions, #fireworkpeople. It is amazing!!) 

I wish you all a wonderful weekend ahead! 

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