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Time You Never Get Back in Your Life

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Alternative title: "How I Knew I Really Loved My Boyfriend

There are many times in life when I've thought to myself something along the lines of, "Well, there's half an hour of my life that I'll never get back." Often it was after a completely useless meeting at work - meetings held in order to schedule more meetings, ugh - or if I was caught by a client who wanted to vent about some situation that they'd conjured up in their head as a personal affront but in the end, realized that they were being silly and dropped it. But there is also another specific moment that sticks in my head as Time I Will Never Get Back: 

The year was 2010. M and I had been dating for a couple of months and both of us had moved from the flats we lived in when we first met (which were a 5 minute taxi ride apart) into new places with friends (which were now at the opposite end of the Northern line on the London underground - a good 70 minute journey between flats, door-to-door.) It was a Saturday and I'd done the long travel this time to see him. I think we started the day with breakfast and coffee out in the town, since we did that often - tucking into a gorgeous full English, then hogging the booth further over a shared newspaper and a second dark roast. If memory serves it began to rain after brekkie ended, so rather than continue with our walk through the Common (a good sized park in the middle of the area neighborhoods), we headed back to his flat to watch a movie. 

We had dozens of DVDs to choose from, as M's flatmate had quite a collection. But first we started by flicking through the channels on the telly to see if there was anything good showing. All of a sudden, M is crowing at our good fortune - he's found his absolute FAVORITE movie from childhood and it has just started!! The movie is called "The Emerald Forest" and is about a boy who is abducted in the Amazon and is raised by a tribe living in the forest. It's supposedly 'loosely' based on a true story - and that is the most interesting thing about the entire movie. Seriously. 

Guys, this was the WORST movie I'd ever seen!! I kept waiting for it to get better and strike me with its amazingness...but it never happened. And not because of the dated nature of the movie (which came out in the early 80s) because I happen to love 80s movies - hello, "Sixteen Candles", "Pretty in Pink", "Breakfast Club" - I'm talking to you! It was just a terrible movie. There were points in the plot that might have made for a good movie, but it just missed the mark somehow. And I've fessed up before that often I will fall fast asleep when watching movies at home, but I forced myself to stay awake through the ENTIRE film, because this guy who I was falling madly in love with had told me this was his favorite childhood film. 

OH MY GOODNESS was I relieved when it was over! I just sat there, thinking to myself, that I was never going to get that time back again and oh man, what on earth did I just watch?! I was a little bit wary too...we'd always been on the same page with our senses of humor and the things we enjoyed so I was thrown off by this huge differing of opinion. I looked over at M to see what he would rave about, and he looked at me - and burst out laughing. He had such a different memory of it as a child!! He couldn't believe how bad it was compared to how awesome he had remembered it as...and he couldn't believe I watched the whole thing without comment. Ha! I earned some major brownie points by sitting through that whole film!! And I realized just how much I had already fallen head over heels for this charming Irishman... :) 

Have you had a moment like that? 

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