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The One in Which We Buy a House!

Rebecca O'LoughlinComment

YUP - you read that correctly!! WE BOUGHT A HOUSE!!!!! =D Wishes do come true!!

Ok, we have an offer *accepted* on a house so it's early days yet but we are officially into the contract process. I've been busy booking the home inspection and appraisal and talking to the attorney and the realtor every day so we're all a little distracted over here, but for such a good reason. I have to say, I'm so relieved to have this major step in progress now and am just hoping now that all progresses as it should and that we are able to move in before Christmas.....prayers are welcomed!! :) 

And now, onto my favorite part of Friday ;) - Friday Favorites! Linking up with Meagan to share some blogger love from the week is a great way to bookend the week - and in a positive fashion, much like Grateful Heart Mondays. Here are some posts I really enjoyed this week: 

  • "We're All Evolving, We're All Moving" - by Danielle at Sometimes Sweet. Danielle writes openly and honestly about coming into her own and learning to be comfortable within her own skin. I have had similar thoughts at times, certainly since living in London where I finally began to feel the same way! She makes a point though of noting that while we give ourselves the grace to grow, often we want all others to be 'a finished product' - and that we ought to be more equal and fair with our grace. 
  • "Motherhood" - by Amy at Set Free. Amy shares the joys of motherhood in this post, despite the ups and downs (and uglies). This is a lovely heartfelt ode to her 6 year old daughter Claire and her own journey as a mom - filled with grace
  • "From the Farmers: What They Want You to Know" - by Caitlin at Belong with Wildflowers. I love the way that Caitlin is so in tune with what is organic and homegrown and homemade. Until I moved to the UK, a country that is very eco-minded (pro locally grown, organic, pesticide-free food and all about compost and recycling!) I never really thought about where my food was coming from. I really enjoyed this post and reading what farmers have to say to consumers - we really need to support small and local farmers, they have a hard time holding out in the face of the giant conglomerates and small businesses deserve a fair shot. 
  • "Easy 10 Minute Caramel Sauce" - by Mel at Mel's Kitchen Cafe. Regardless of whether you pronounce it CARE-uh-mell or CAR-mul (Emily!!), this looks like one of those recipes that just begs to be pinned. Tart and crunchy apple slices dipped in caramel is one of those autumnal treats that I adore...that and a pumpkin cheesecake with a drizzle of caramel sauce over the top. Actually, what isn't amazing with a drizzle of caramel?? :) I will definitely be making this!!!  

I wish you all a wonderful weekend! M and I are watching our nephew tomorrow while my brother, sister-in-law and parents go to a wedding. Should be fun - plus we'll see what having two will be like...wish us luck! ;) 

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